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Jess is TechRadar's UK-based Computing writer (@Zombie_Wretch on Twitter), where she covers all aspects of Mac and PC hardware, including PC gaming and peripherals. While she loves all areas of computing tech, broadcasting and gaming-related hardware such as webcams, USB microphones, VR headsets and mechanical keyboards are certainly a special interest subject. You find her bylines at Creative Bloq and, and she has previously been interviewed by the BBC as an industry expert.

Her educational background is in prosthetics and model-making, which helped to nurture a love of robotics and creative hardware like 3D printers and graphics drawing tablets. She has built numerous desktop computers over the last 10 years for gaming and content creation and only injured herself once.

Outside of work, she likes to watch anime and dabble in digital illustration and sculpting. She can often be found playing games of both the Video and Tabletop variety, occasionally streaming to the disappointment of everyone. A conversation of any length will likely result in her trying to convince you to start playing D&D, though she'd settle for an evening of painting miniatures at a push.

Articles by: Jess Weatherbed