Philip Berne

Philip Berne

US Mobiles Editor

Phil Berne is a preeminent voice in consumer electronics reviews, having reviewed his first device (the Sony D-EJ01 Discman) more than 20 years ago for He has been writing about phones and mobile technology, since before the iPhone, for a variety of sites including PCMag, infoSync, PhoneScoop, and Slashgear. He holds an M.A. in Cultural Theory from Carnegie Mellon University. 

When the dotcom bubble burst, Phil turned to teaching, and spent five years teaching High School English in the NYC Public Schools, then in the Boston Public Schools. During that time, he also worked as a Mac Specialist at the Apple Store. 

Phil soon started writing reviews for Mac News Network. In 2006, Phil became the Senior Editor at InfoSync World, reviewing every bit of modern consumer tech, from iPods to PDAs to Blackberry phones. Phil quickly worked his way up to Editor-in-Chief of infoSync. 

In 2010 Philip went to PhoneScoop as a reviewer. He also worked for SlashGear as a regular culture and technology columnist. 

In 2011, Philip was recruited by Samsung to review top secret, upcoming devices and predict how those devices would score in reviews. With top engineers and a scientific lab, Philip tested every new device from Samsung and competitors, using the same review techniques used by Consumer Reports, CNET, and other top tech publications. 

At Samsung, Phil also worked as the primary liaison to the Crisis Management team for the Mobile division. When the Galaxy Note 7 exploded, Phil led the reputation and recovery efforts, bringing top tech media to Korea to inspect the factories and testing facility. 

Phil left Samsung in 2017 and briefly returned to teaching, working in schools in Dallas and near Washington, D.C.. In 2022, while training for a summer as Waterfront Director and head lifeguard at a summer camp, Phil was delighted to accept the Senior Editor role at TechRadar, focusing on the U.S. mobile technology market. 

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