Muskaan Saxena

Muskaan Saxena

Computing Staff Writer

Muskaan is TechRadar’s UK-based Computing writer. She is a passionate writer, and has had her creative work published in several literary journals and magazines.

Her debut into the writing world was a poem published in The Times of Zambia, on the subject of sunflowers and the insignificance of human existence in comparison.

She is a very proud Zambian and will often go around teaching people random words and phrases in her mother tongue, and is always advocating for the inclusion of African thought in all contexts. She is an avid reader and TikTok doom scroller. She will also talk endlessly about Neon Genesis Evangelion and her favourite bits of media include Gone Girl (book and film!), Tender is the Flesh, and Avatar the last Airbender. You will often find her aimlessly wandering around Hyrule.

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