Jake Tucker

Jake Tucker

Editor in chief, TechRadar Gaming

Jake Tucker is the editor in chief of TechRadar Gaming and has worked at sites like NME, MCV, Trusted Reviews and many more. He collects vinyl, likes first-person shooters and turn-based tactics titles, but hates writing bios. Jake currently lives in London, and is bouncing around the city trying to eat at all of the nice restaurants. 

Jake started out by founding the video game talk event VideoBrains, before working for PocketGamer as the game's VR editor, writing about mobile VR. Then he worked for Bit-Tech as the site's games editor before briefly editing Esports Pro, a B2B website about the business of esports. This got folded into consumer trade publication MCV, where Jake worked as a content editor. After this, Jake was the game's editor for tech publication Trusted Reviews and then moved into the special projects division at Red Bull, where he worked on games video and events for the company. 

Still, when you have journalism in the blood it can be hard to get out of it, so Jake then moved to NME to start an award-nominated video game section for the site. After this, Jake came to TechRadar Gaming, where he currently is.

Jake's favourite game is Jagged Alliance 2 with the 1.13 mod installed. His favourite film is Heat. He's considering buying an iron for the first time. He is in his mid 30s. 

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