Elie Gould

Elie Gould

Features Writer

Elie is a Features Writer for TechRadar Gaming, here to write about anything new or slightly weird. Before writing for TRG, Elie studied for a Masters at Cardiff University JOMEC in International Journalism and Documentaries – spending their free time filming short docs or editing the gaming section for their student publications. 

Elie’s first step into gaming was through Pokémon. The trading card game caught their eye and led to Elie owning an extensive playing card collection (They would tell you how many are PSA 10, but they don't want to get robbed). 

When it’s not Pokémon, it's got to be horror. Any and every game that would keep you up at night is on their list to play. This is all despite the fact that one of Elie’s biggest fears is being chased – so horror games aren’t always the most enjoyable experience. 

But really, anything weird and wonderful is right up their street. They love to find new games and cool indie devs. Just make sure not to ask them anything about SCP if you want to get home for dinner.

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