Becca Caddy

Becca Caddy

Becca is a contributor to TechRadar, a freelance journalist and author. She’s been writing about consumer tech and popular science for more than ten years, covering all kinds of topics, including why robots have eyes and whether we’ll experience the overview effect one day. She’s particularly interested in VR/AR, wearables, digital health, space tech and chatting to experts and academics about the future. 

Her first book, Screen Time, which is about how people can learn to love their tech rather than feel stressed out by it, came out in January 2021 with Bonnier Books. She is currently working on ideas for a second non-fiction book while also writing fiction in her spare time. 

She’s contributed to TechRadar, T3, Wired, New Scientist, The Guardian, Inverse and many more as a freelance journalist. In other chapters of her life, she was an international editor at MSN, associate editor at Lifehacker UK and publisher at Shiny Media. 

Becca has an English Language and Literature degree and a Masters in Public Relations and Strategic Marketing Communications. She started her career working in tech PR and marketing and has a strong understanding of content strategy, branding and digital marketing.

Becca loves science-fiction and has a fortnightly column that explores the science of Star Trek. Last time she checked, she still holds a Guinness World Record alongside TechRadar's Gerald Lynch for playing the largest game of Tetris ever made. She also enjoys taking pictures of brutalist architecture and spending way too much time floating through space and 3D painting in virtual reality. 

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