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Adam Vjestica fell in love with video games from an early age and has been besotted with the interactive medium ever since. From the 16-bit era of the Sega Mega Drive to today’s current-gen consoles, he’s owned practically every piece of hardware ever released and hoovers up new video game releases quicker than Kirby inhales enemies.

Speaking of which, Adam joined Nintendo of Europe in 2016 as a Content Marketing Editor where he helped launch the Nintendo Switch (he has a poster to prove it). Adam was responsible for marketing various games across Nintendo's European territories such as Kirby: Star Allies, Fire Emblem Warriors, Hey! Pikmin, Metroid: Samus Returns, and many other beloved titles.

Adam has also freelanced for various technology outlets, built an award-nominated video game website, and was responsible for running cloud-streaming company Shadow Tech’s blog when he founded his own content marketing company. 

Passionate about hardware, Adam's always looking to help people understand the intricacies of what goes on under the hood of their favorite systems and enjoys highlighting features that may have been overlooked. You’ll find plenty of hard-hitting op-eds from Adam on TRG, and he doesn't miss an opportunity to jump to the Wii U’s defense at a moment’s notice.

Articles by: Adam Vjestica