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An engineer-turned journalist, K Balakumar's career began in print publications in the mid-90s --- verily, the glorious days of Indian journalism. After that, well, the industry saw very little of any glory. But you can't hold that against him. Anyway, he started as a sports writer, covering primarily cricket and tennis. But sports, which provides a philosophical heft to his life, also opened the doors for other journalistic avenues like films, music, finance, technology and, of course, politics, which nobody can escape in India. Endowed with good flair for the English language, he worked his way up, and eventually ended up as the Editor and Publisher of the Chennai-based eveninger News Today. Soon enough, he also became the Editorial Director of Chennai-specific bunch of neighbourhood tabloids, Talk Media. During which period, he also established himself as a humour writer with a unique voice and vision, penning the satirical column Crank's Corner (opens in new tab). He quit the journalistic treadmill in 2018, and from then on he has been a freelancer writer, with his bylines appearing in publications as diverse as Yahoo, CricketNext (opens in new tab), The News Minute (opens in new tab) , First Post (opens in new tab) and The News Able (My Nation (opens in new tab)). His Crank's Corner pieces were regularly used by the satire magazine The Unreal Times (opens in new tab). He is also a popular voice on Twitter (opens in new tab), especially on sports and Tamil Nadu. He also appears in TV news debates and has also dabbled a bit in video journalism (opens in new tab) and podcast journalism (opens in new tab)

In TechRadar, he specialises in India-centric news, OTT offerings, electric vehicles and, of course, the occasional cricket news pieces that the platform allows from time to time.

Articles by: Balakumar K