Nikshep Myle

Nikshep has been writing full-time since 2020 for various popular tech blogs, including Tom's Guide, Gadget Review, SlashGear, Creative Bloq, AndroidPolice, Techopedia, and IT Pro, with 450+ articles to his name. 

With extensive coverage of over a dozen tech niches like gadgets, software, VPN, cloud computing, and streaming guides, he’s developed a well-rounded understanding of consumer tech. He particularly enjoys reviewing consumer gadgets and the accompanying rush of finding an incredible product to add to his collection. He has covered most standard gadgets you’ll find in homes: TVs, headphones, soundbars, speakers, keyboards, and cameras, among others.

Along with writing and editing, he has experience managing writers and conducting SEO research. When he’s not covering tech, he loves to research and experiment to find new ways to optimize health and well-being. In addition, he enjoys gaming and meditation, which are akin to personal hygiene for him.

Articles by: Nikshep Myle