Michael Allison

Michael Allison

Staff Writer, Phones

Michael Allison is a tech writer and editor who has a keen interest in all things related to technology and innovation. He currently writes for TechRadar, one of the world’s leading online sources for tech news and reviews. He covers a wide range of topics, from smartphones and wearables to tablets and more. He loves to explore new gadgets and share his insights and opinions with his audience. Previously, he wrote for Digital Trends and Android Central, covering mobile as well. 

Michael has a rich and varied academic background in law, philosophy, and creative writing. He studied at two prestigious universities in the UK, Kent, and Surrey. In the former, he earned a second-class honors degree in law and philosophy, and in the latter, a Merit in creative writing. He has a strong sense of curiosity and creativity that drives his writing style and voice.

Michael is also an avid reader who enjoys books of different genres and themes. He is especially fond of sci-fi and fantasy novels that transport him to imaginative worlds. He likes to balance his intellectual pursuits with physical activities, such as going to the gym regularly and staying fit. He considers himself a gym rat who loves to challenge himself and improve his fitness level.

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