Steve Clark

Steve Clark

B2B Editor - Creative & Hardware

Steve is TechRadar Pro’s B2B Editor for Creative & Hardware where he zeroes in on the apps and devices that keep companies competitive. He loves writing about the importance of UI/UX design to attract, retain, and convert users. 

A copywriting veteran across B2B and B2C with 15 years’ experience across print, web, radio, TV, Steve’s written for hundreds of brands including Sony, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, and Microsoft. And somehow found the time to work alongside countless innovative SaaS companies, product design & tech firms along the way. 

He cut his journalism teeth at Web User magazine. Within those hallowed pages of a print magazine for the digital world, Steve helped readers explore the latest online trends - from the best editing apps to top browser tools. He covered the latest news, reviews, guides, features, answered FAQs, and edited readers’ tips. In a past life, he was the copywriter at an editing house for commercials and film trailers. Relentless champion of the Oxford comma.

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