River Hart

River Hart

Tech Software Editor

River is a Tech Software Editor and VPN expert, helping take care of cybersecurity content on TechRadar—ranging from breaking news pieces, reviews, and buying guides. Their goal is to help all our readers advocate for their digital privacy, and find the best VPN deals in the process!

After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a First Class degree in Creative Writing, River bounced around the UK on a mission to craft stories. They’ve worked as a B2B magazine editor (working in an eclectic range of fields, including theme parks, VR gaming, and e-commerce), L&D [coordinator], and found their way into the world of cybersecurity in 2019, leading the writing team over at ProPrivacy. River has since been quoted in The Guardian, BBC News, and Forbes.

In their spare time, River enjoys poking around museums in their adopted hometown of Liverpool, hiking across their native North Wales countryside, and spending way too much time plugged into a PS5.

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