Max Langridge

Max Langridge

Staff Writer

Max is a digital content writer for TechRadar, covering home entertainment and audio, phones, laptops, gaming and virtually anything else that falls under the consumer electronics umbrella. Hailing from the United Kingdom, Max started his career at What Hi-Fi?. In the three years he spent there, he went from not knowing what a DAC was, to demonstrating expert knowledge of brands, their latest releases and which ones could be deemed the best. 

He took this knowledge and newfound passion across to Pocket-lint, where he spent a couple of years getting stuck into reviewing soundbars, headphones, home speaker systems and cars, alongside producing a range of news and features for the day-to-day running of the site. 

Upon arriving in Australia in 2018, Max generated a new passion for fitness and health, not only learning about how to keep himself fit in the gym, but how a range of wearable devices can prove to be expert assistants. He continued his writing in the men’s lifestyle space, before returning to consumer technology with Future.

When he’s got some spare time, Max takes himself to the gym. He has dreams of one day learning to DJ.

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