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Chinese firm creates GSM mobile in wristwatch

This mysterious Chinese wristwatch is also a GSM mobile phone

The ultimate in geeky gadgets has long been the concept of a mobile phone built into a normal-looking wristwatch in the manner of legions of sci-fi shows. While Chinese company Cect hasn't quite managed that, its latest handset comes close.

The mysterious Chinese firm (no website) has created a combination watch and phone that looks just about passable. The unnamed GSM handset is integrated into a chunky plastic watch that has a screen of about 2 inches. According to the photo gallery at Chinese site Phone Daily , it also comes in several different bright colours.

Bluetooth connection

From the photos, we can tell that the device includes a media player and has both a headphone jack and Bluetooth for connecting to a wireless headset. Although there are already several cheap watch phones available in China, this one might be worth watching, as it's easily the least nauseating to look at so far.

Incidentally, a similar device went on sale in Japan a few years ago. We can tell you from personal experience that picking up a normal phone and holding it to your ear is far simpler than fiddling with something like this.