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Virgin Mobile giving away free music

If you don't have a Virgin Mobile 3G handset to take advantage of Virgin's free music, they'll be happy to sell you one

Virgin Mobile is offering its customers £40 worth of free music downloads directly to their mobile phones, in a three-month trial.

Starting today, new and existing Virgin Mobile customers with a 3G phone, on both pay-as-you-go and contract can take part in the freebie promotion. Each customer gets 25 free songs in the deal, which Virgin claims is worth £37.50.

It's available through the Virgin Mobile Bite platform - a media shop selling news, gossip, music and video clips accessible via mobile phones. Virgin Mobile customers have been able to access music downloads since the service launched in March last year

To sign up, contact Virgin Mobile or visit your local Virgin Megastore or Carphone Warehouse . The promotion ends on Monday 28 May.