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Safe and easy mobile banking coming soon?

Mobile banking is commonplace in Eastern European countries

Fast, safe and easy mobile banking may soon be possible thanks to a new application by Java expert Masabi . The London-based company specialises in secure cash transfer applications for mobiles, and has a lot of experience in casino gambling titles.

The company is hoping its Java expertise will benefit those wanting to bank on the go.

Masabi's programme enables you to see transactions and money going out and coming in as well as check your statements and pay bills. The company hopes that its app will succeed thanks to its speedy data transfers - meaning you won't waste money on your bill - and universal compatibility.

"We've developed the software so it'll run on as many mobiles as possible - all handsets that run Java, in fact. We can cram so many graphics and a solid user interface into phones six years old," says Ben Whitaker, director of Masabi.

It's only a prototype at the moment, but Masabi is looking for technology partners to help bring its application to fruition.