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Immigrants told to leave by text message

It's not clear if the government will use text talk when informing immigrants that their visa is about to expire

As part of the government's crack down on illegal immigrants, those overstaying their welcome in the UK will get a text message reminding them it's time to pack up.

The Home Secretary John Reed wants to "block the benefits of Britain" for people living in the UK with an expired visa, by denying them access to the UK's jobs, benefits and services, according to 24 Dash .

A major part of Reed's proposals involves compulsory ID cards, which will allegedly make it "easier" to find illegal immigrants.

Other measures include watch lists for identifying illegal immigrants applying for services they are not entitled to, and better checks for employers hiring illegal immigrants.

There are also proposals for schemes in hospitals to make sure migrants pay for the relevant health care, heavy fines for landlords forcing migrants to live in over-crowded flats and increased checks for migrants applying for driving licences.