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Charge your mobile from 0 to full in 10 mins

Mobile users can boost their power with a Quickie 10 minute battery charge

Mobile phone users who run out of battery power can enjoy a Quickie charge up for their phone when they're out and about, using a new slot machine service that's being rolled out in the UK.

The Quickie is a giant coin-operated mobile phone charging machine that can boost a phone's battery power from zero to full in 10 minutes, according to N5, the company behind the device. It costs £1 per charge, and multiple users can use the Quickie at the same time.

N5 is aiming to roll out the Quickie in the UK by franchising out the Quickie to individuals or business across the UK. The company aims to have 10,000 Quickie machines in places like hotels, coffee shops, supermarkets and sports clubs within the next two years.

Nigel Botterill, CEO of N5, said that Quickie machines were already proving successful in America, the Middle East, and the Far East. He added that the growing use of power-hungry multimedia phone features was increasing the need for a product like Quickie in the UK.