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Autocorrected text leads to lockdown of two US schools

Text message
Sometimes not-so-hilarious typos happen too

A text message that mistakenly included the word "gunman" thanks to autocorrect led to the lockdown of two US schools yesterday.

The two schools in West Hall, Georgia were locked down by police for almost two hours yesterday while the "threat" was investigated.

Autocorrections in text messages can often be hilarious, but on this occasion it turned a simple message into something much more sinister.

The text message in question read "gunman be at west hall today", when the intended message should have read "gunna be at west hall today."

The writer of the message must have misspelled the already questionable "gunna" – in our own tests an iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0 only came up with "gunman" as a replacement for "gumma".

Catalogue of errors

In an further exhibition of sloppy texting, the writer of the message even sent it to the wrong number.

The message was in fact sent by a student, but reported to police by a member of the West Hall community.

Sgt. Stephen Wilbanks of the Hall County Sheriff's Office commented: "it was a combination of odd circumstances. We want to emphasize that the recipient did the right thing in reporting the message."

A lesson for all you hurried texters out there – check before you send, eh?

From Gainsville Times via CNET