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£255,000 golden coffin comes equipped with a golden phone

Hello? Grandad? Are you there?
Hello? Grandad? Are you there?

If Michael Jackson were alive, he would no doubt be attending this month's 'International Luxury Fair' in fair Verona, where a golden coffin featuring a golden cell phone can be snapped up for a mere $381,000 dollars (£255,000 / 280,000 euros).

The a cell-phone-equipped golden coffin is only one of many hilariously expensive items on display at the international luxury fair.

Eager billionaires

Eager billionaire shoppers could pick up a diamond-studded, cancan-style wedding gown in pink chinchilla fur for 220,000 euros, a boat running on a Ferrari engine or crystal-covered piano (prices 'tbc').

Those on a budget might instead plump for a 24-carat gold racer bicycle (24,000 Euros), an armchair covered with the skin of 20 crocodiles, decorated in gold, diamonds and rubies (200,000 euros) or a fetching hand-crafted billiard table covered in golden sheets (60,000 euros).

The question of why anybody would want to contact the dead via a golden cell-phone has yet to be posed to the seller... Surely they would want a golden iPhone instead?

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