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Solid sources resurrect PSP phone rumour

Is the PSP finally going to become a mobile phone too?

When it comes to reporting tech rumours, there are sources that are usually reliable and then there's Japanese newspaper Nikkei Shimbun, which is so conservative it never rushes into print without being 110 per cent sure.

That's why this weekend's Nikkei story about Sony getting ready to start work on a PSP phone (yes, that again) has to be taken very seriously indeed.

Sony Ericsson involved

In spite of the recent PSP Go announcement, it appears someone at Sony believes there's room in the product line-up for yet another variation on the gaming handheld theme.

The Nikkei report says Sony is already assembling a team to work on the PSP phone with Sony Ericsson, which is hardly a surprise.

Nothing official

However - again, only to be expected - no one at Sony's Tokyo HQ was prepared to talk about the rumour over the weekend. We'll keep you posted.

Via Reuters