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CES 2024 is now fully underway – and the world's biggest tech show is delivering its trademark combo of exciting gadgets, wild innovations, and a dash of some truly weird ideas. There's a lot to take in, but we're on the ground in Las Vegas right now – and you can find our pick of all of the show's highlights below in our handy round-up.

Some of the big stories so far include LG's transparent OLED TVs and high-end wireless earbuds, but CES 2024 has something new for every kind of tech fan. Whether you're into laptops, wearables, health tech, smart home accessories, TVs, home entertainment, EVs or AI, there have been some exciting announcements that give us a taste of what's coming in 2024.

The big names at CES 2024 this year include Sony, Samsung, Nvidia, Intel, L'Oréal, Hyundai, AMD, to name but a few. So whether you’re attending CES 2024 in person or watching this year’s edition of the annual trade show online, we'll be here reporting on the biggest announcements as and when they happen.

So what are the most exciting CES 2024 launches so far? Scroll down this page to find out – and make sure to pop back throughout the show to discover the biggest new announcements.

CES 2024 dates and hours

CES 2024 started on Tuesday, January 9 and runs until Friday, January 12, 2024.

The event’s opening keynote and state of the industry address kicked off at 8:30am PT on January 9 (11:30am ET on January 9 / 4:30pm GMT on January 9 / 2:30am AEST on January 10).

As for the in-person exhibitions, those of you looking to check out the happenings at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center (LVCC) or the Venetian Expo are able to visit during the following times:

10am - 6pm PT Tuesday, January 9

9am - 6pm PT Wednesday, January 10

9am - 6pm PT Thursday, January 11

9am - 4pm PT Sunday, January 12

Meanwhile, those of you looking to visit the home entertainment-focused C Space at the ARIA will be able to check it out from now until Thursday, January 11. 

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Reviews from CES 2024

The best of CES 2024

Which brands are attending?

Samsung at CES 2024

Galaxy Fold 5

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has a long history of mega-booths and massive product rollouts and CES 2024 will be no different. However, the major focus this year will be AI (actually a major theme across the whole of CES 2024).

In addition to its Center Hall booth, Samsung will hold a major press conference to announce all of its major updates.

In the TV realm, we're expecting brighter OLED models, since that's one of the specs that matters most to consumers.  They'll bring out the new 8K displays and, yes, more microLEDs at probably even bigger sizes.

Also expect updates on projectors (even short-throw 8K ones), appliances, laptops and tablets, and sustainability (a show theme). We should see some more smart home ideas (more Matter support updates) from the South Korean tech giant and maybe even a surprise or two.

Sony at CES 2024

Sony TV 2023

(Image credit: Future)

Last year, Sony revealed an exciting EV concept with a terrible name: Afeela. Will the company show yet another iteration of this car that it's been working on for at least four years? Maybe. 

Honestly, the company doesn’t seem to show much else at CES anymore. We’re not expecting anything TV and audio (though there might be some other home theater tech), for example. Perhaps we’ll get a tease of future PlayStation hardware updates, though, with the PS5 Slim and PlayStation Portal only recently launched, that looks far from certain.

Also a longer than long shot is an AIBO robot dog update (though we can always hope). The truth is that, at least in recent years, Sony just hasn’t been that much of a CES draw!

LG at CES 2024

Woman using LG Display's new stretchable display

(Image credit: LG Display)

Expect LG to operate on the same two tracks it's traveled in previous CES events: appliances and displays. On the display side, LG will no doubt push OLED into new areas as it always does – we’re not sure whether to expect any more bending screens, but it’ll definitely put OLED in just about anything else with pixels. We hope it’ll bring its groundbreaking MLA OLED tech to more affordable models this year, but we’ll see.

The appliances side will also show new and ever-smart home tech, including robot vacuums, refrigerators, washing machines, and other surprising home stuff – we’ve seen the company show indoor vegetable gardens and perfectly spherical home ice machines before. There will also be talk about Matter support and sustainability.

Hisense at CES 2024

Hisense U8H TV showing Amazon's The Rings of Power

(Image credit: Future)

Hisense will be attending CES 2024, with an exhibit in LVCC's Central Hall.

It's another company that focuses on TVs and appliances mostly. We know the company has a new range of 2024 TVs to show off, but we also know that they’re going to be extremely similar to 2023’s TVs, with one big exception: and new flagship TV that will be the company’s brightest-ever, with over 5,000 nits of brightness, new anti-reflection tech, and more dimming zones than the company’s ever put in a mini-LED TV.

Intel at CES 2024

Man inside a server room

(Image credit: Getty Images)

As far as Intel and CES 2024 goes, it is going to be all about Meteor Lake and the new Intel Core Ultra processors with built-in neural processing units (NPUs). Of course, Intel announced these chips months ago and they officially launched on December 14, but given that they’re exclusively mobile chips (for now), an Intel launch doesn’t mean that you can get a laptop with a Core Ultra chip in it ahead of CES. 

Most manufacturers’ production cycles aren’t set up to launch new products in December, so the first laptops we’ll get our hands on with the new processors will be coming in the months ahead. However, the first chance we’ll get to see them in person will be in the second week of January.

So in a lot of ways, it’s not Intel we’re talking about here as much as it is everyone else putting Intel Core Ultras into their stuff, and those promise to run the gamut from straightforward refreshes of business laptops to exciting new designs that leverage the new hybrid+ architecture featuring performance cores, efficiency cores, and low-power efficiency cores coupled with a neural processor on the SoC that will make consumer AI applications like generative image creation or document drafting much simpler and practical.

Most importantly, these new AI apps won’t need a connection to a cloud data center to work in theory. How well they perform in reality remains to be seen, but finding out will be the most exciting thing from Intel at CES in as long as we can remember.

AMD at CES 2024


(Image credit: AMD)

With Nvidia focused like your cat on a laser pointer, CES 2024 would be a great time for AMD to make some moves to pick up market share in the GPU market, but there hasn’t been any hint that a release is forthcoming on that front from Team Red. 

For GPUs, we’ll likely have to wait a few months before we see any more Radeon cards coming out, like a potential RX 7950 XT or RX 7750 XT, but AMD isn’t just a graphics company. 

With AMD’s recent announcement of its Ryzen 8000-series mobile CPU, the Ryzen 9 8945HS, we expect to see a lot of laptops with the new chip in them. What’s more, with the AMD Z1 and Z1 Extreme handheld chips powering devices like the Asus ROG Ally and the Lenovo Legion Go, there will be a ton of third-party products at CES 2024 around handheld gaming. 

Plus, given the consumer electronics focus of CES, if we hear anything from AMD around CES, it’d likely be around handhelds rather than desktops, since a handheld portable gaming system is pretty much exactly the kind of product that CES was built to showcase.

Nvidia at CES 2024

Nvidia photo

(Image credit: Nvidia)

After its explosive growth into a trillion-dollar company in 2023 on the generative AI wave of ChatGPT, Dall-E, Google Bard, and Midjourney, among others, Nvidia’s near total monopoly on the specialized chips that power large language models and other AI systems leaves the company at something of a crossroads as it heads into 2024.

While still the maker of the best graphics cards in the world for gamers and creative professionals, the license-to-print money that is generative AI right now puts many of Nvidia’s upcoming consumer products under a rather long shadow. We expect Nvidia to announce new “Super” branded GPUs at CES this year, but which ones or how many we don't know.

This current generation of consumer Nvidia GPUs has been a very mixed bag, both on the performance side (at least at the lower end of the product stack) as well as their “premium-plus” pricing. The company’s flagship card, the Nvidia RTX 4090, starts at $1,699.99, while its “midrange” RTX 4070 card will run you $600, putting many of Nvidia’s latest graphics cards out of reach for many.

We don’t expect any GPU announcements at CES to be much better, as these will almost certainly be a Super version of the RTX 4080 (US MSRP $1,199.99) or the RTX 4070, so it’s likely that these cards will still be more than half a grand in the best case. These aren’t prices that the consumer market can easily afford, and given reports of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s memo to Nvidia staff declaring that Nvidia “is no longer a graphics company” but an AI company, it seems poised to pivot strongly towards its enterprise customers in 2024. If Nvidia makes a splash at CES 2024, it’ll likely be with a parting gift to the consumer market on its way out the door to far more profitable horizons.

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