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Mark Wycislik-Wilson

Mark is a tech journalist who's been writing about software, hardware and the web for nearly 20 years - but he still looks as youthful as ever! After years writing for magazines, his life moved online and he remains fuelled by technology, music and nature.

Mark lives and breathes Windows, Android, iOS and just about anything with a power button. He has written for websites and magazine since 2000, producing a wide range of reviews, guides, tutorials, brochure, newsletters and more. Mark has written and continues to write for a wide range of audiences, from computing newbies to advanced users and business clients.

Over the years Mark has worked both on his own and as part of larger production teams. He is used to working to tight deadlines, following commissions and providing editors with new ideas. Always willing to try something new, he will turn his hand to just about anything computer related -- as well as loving to learn, Mark's passion is sharing what he discovers with others.

Starting his career as a New Media Editor, Mark cut his teeth sourcing software for inclusion on magazine cover discs and progressed to writing reviews and tutorials for a range of Windows magazines -- including a number of official Microsoft titles. The lure of the internet, as well as a declining magazine industry, Mark moved the bulk of his writing online while maintaining a foot in the world of print.

Over the years he has used WordPress, Drupal and various custom CMS to publish news and guides about every platform and area of technology imaginable.

Particular areas of interest include security, privacy, mobile computing and networking 

Articles by: Mark Wycislik-Wilson