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Zoho website builder review

Build a website that’s simple, or create something complex

(Image: © Zoho)

Our Verdict

Zoho website builder provides over 190 template options to help you build a website that’s quick and easy. Design something simple that only takes a few minutes, or create something much more detailed using the Visual Editor. This drag-and-drop website builder makes it simple.


  • Very organized interface
  • Wide variety of design options
  • Built on HTML and CSS


  • Only just over 190 templates
  • Not as much storage space

Zoho is the kind of website builder that makes it easy to grow with. You won’t need to upload your site to a new web host once it starts growing, there’s probably a plan you can upgrade to with all the features you need. All of the templates are super responsive, meaning they are easier to work with and self-explanatory. You can also customize each of the templates (which isn’t always the case for website builders). There’s an option that allows you to view page history, so you won’t lose part of your website just because you updated it. 

Zoho templates include space to add audio, videos, photos that rotate, and even animations. Because of the design features, Zoho works great for anyone building an artistic website or for the creatives out there. Security is also great - Zoho has SSL Certificates and a password-protection feature. You’ll feel better about who has access to edit your site and your users will be safe.  

Here's a snapshot of the plans and prices available 

Here's a snapshot of the plans and prices available  (Image credit: Zoho)

Plans and pricing

Zoho comes with a free 15 day trial, but not an unlimited free option. You can still easily try Zoho without purchasing a plan and then cancel your trial if you decide it’s not the right fit. After the free trial, there’s two different plan options available. Here’s the info on features and prices for each: 

The Starter plan only costs $4.00 per month when you purchase the annual plan. This plan works great for small businesses and anyone who’s just starting to build a website. It includes up to five pages, 500 MB of storage, 10 GB of bandwidth per month, and up to five forms. For a plan that also includes a custom domain, this is relatively inexpensive. You’ll also have an SSL Certificate, blogging capabilities, access to your own animation tool, and your site will be ad free. For a beginner’s plan, this includes everything you need to get started and make your website professional.  

The Pro plan costs $15.00 per month when you pay annually. If you want to try this plan for your 15 day free trial, you can. There’s up to 50 pages, 100 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and room for a 200 picture photo gallery. It also includes everything in the Starter plan such as the SSL Certificate. There’s a member portal where you can add up to two members to edit your site. This plan is great for websites that are larger and have more traffic to measure. 

There’s three separate add-ons you can purchase for the Pro plan in order to expand your website. Whenever your site is growing, you can just purchase an add-on. If you want to add up to 1,000 new members, it’s $50.00 per year. You can also purchase more pages (it’s $50.00 per year for each batch of 200 pages). If you want to add contributors, it’s $20.00 per user every year. 

Here's an example template

Here's an example template (Image credit: Zoho)


The interface is extremely well organized. You can easily look at templates and search them by occupation. So for instance, if you want to know which templates work well for a fitness site, simply look at the templates and search “fitness.” The same is true for travel, interior design, computing, photography, and finance. Since each template is also customizable, you can easily change all the details to fit your needs. There’s a lot of artistic websites on Zoho simply because there’s so many design options (and since the Pro plan supports a 200 piece photo gallery). 

Here's some of the best features 

Here's some of the best features  (Image credit: Zoho)


There’s an “auto save” feature that stores various versions of your website so you don’t need to be afraid to edit it. Both plans come with an SSL Certificate, so your users can feel safe about visiting your website. There’s also a feature for adding your own blog and Zoho Mail integrations. Zoho comes with additional SEO help, which can lead other people to your website. If you’re interested in hearing what users have to say, there’s also space for comment boxes that you can easily add to your site. 

More engagement than other web hosts

More engagement than other web hosts (Image credit: Zoho)

The competition

Wix, Squarespace, and Google Sites are a few competitors to Zoho. Each of these website builders is slightly different. With Zoho, you have a lot of design tools and the ability to really personalize your website. This isn’t always the case with other web hosts. Even though there’s lots of options to customize templates, Zoho only comes with over 190. This is relatively low compared to other website builders. However, the Starter plan with Zoho is considerably less expensive which can be great for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  

Final thoughts 

Zoho is a great web host especially for the artists out there. There’s tons of design options and all plans come with an SSL Certificate. Because the Starter plan is only $4.00 per month, it’s easier to build your website without hurting your budget. It’s also easy to add any videos, audio, and high-quality images. Whenever your site needs to grow, Zoho provides add-ons so you can keep everything in one place.  

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