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UFO VPN review

Blazing speeds and thousands of servers

(Image: © Future)

Our Verdict

UFO VPN surprised us with its amazing speeds, thousands of servers and unblocking capabilities, as well as additional perks in the form of low prices, free trials and free basic service. Downsides include the lack of live chat customer support, missing manual setup options for non-mainstream platforms and some inconsistencies in information across the website.


  • Unblocks Netflix, BBC iPlayer
  • High speeds
  • Thousands of servers all over the world
  • Free basic account
  • Affordable


  • Some inconsistent info across website
  • Limited platform support
  • Doesn’t allow torrenting
  • Never got any response from customer support

UFO VPN is a provider of VPN services that has amassed a 20 million-strong user base across the globe. The service is designed to protect user privacy and facilitate access access to all sorts of geographically restricted content - all at low prices.


UFO VPN has several pricing options of differing lengths, but the cheapest is the two-year subscription, which can be yours for the equivalent of $2.91/month.

There’s a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with the service (although we’ve noticed that the ToS states that this period is 7 days). Also, once you start running the service on a PC, you’ll get the message you can click that says there’s a 7-day free trial on the table (the Android version gives you 3 days). 

And that’s not all. There’s even a basic version of the service you can get for free if you don’t mind the ads and a limited number of servers at your disposal.

Under one account, you can run up to 5 simultaneous connections. Payments are made using either a credit/debit card or cryptocurrency. 


(Image credit: Future)


UFO VPN is a very good provider that comes close to today’s top VPN platforms in many ways, mainly thanks to its large server network, content unblocking capabilities, and lightning speeds.

It is, however, inferior in some areas. For instance, it doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee that's as generous as CyberGhost's (45 days), it's more expensive than Surfshark, doesn’t support a wide array of devices like NordVPN and doesn't offer as comprehensive a package as ExpressVPN.


Being able to unblock popular geographically restricted streaming content like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO and more is a desirable quality in any VPN; many users seek out a VPN for this reason alone. UFO VPN is capable of providing access to such geo-blocked content.

About the company

The owner of UFO VPN software is a company called Dearmfii HK Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. It gives users access to more than 2,000 servers in over 50 countries all over the world, including in Israel, South Korea, India, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Peru, Mexico, Moldova, Croatia, Romania, Latvia, Russia and more.

Privacy and encryption

We couldn’t find any information about whether UFO VPN allows torrenting/P2P traffic and we never received a response from customer support, so we assume it’s forbidden.

The apps don’t have many features or options, although they do offer a kill switch. This is an optional safety mechanism that will block your entire internet connection if the VPN drops out. This way, UFO VPN can prevent any leaking of your IP address and other private information.

The Privacy Policy doesn’t say much about what kinds of data is and isn’t logged, except that “UFO VPN does not collect, monitor, or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service, under any circumstances, on any platform”. It also adds that UFO VPN doesn’t “track user activities outside of our Site, nor do we track the website browsing or connection activities of users who are using our Services.”

These are all reassuring claims, but we would prefer if the privacy policy had been audited by a trustworthy third party.


(Image credit: Future)


UFO VPN has intuitive apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, but that’s as far as its platform support goes. In other words, there’s no manual installation support for other devices.

At the time of writing, the Android app had recorded over 1 million downloads and it had a very good rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5), as judged by 62,247 users. Its iOS counterpart had an even better score: 4.7 stars, as rated by 16.9K users. The apps are updated regularly.

If you run into any problems while using this VPN, customer service is available via email, contact form on the FAQ page, as well as via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We tried the email method, but we’re still to receive any sort of response.

However, you may want to try the FAQ page first, which is divided into three categories - Troubleshooting, Billing, and Setup Guides. There’s also a blog where you’ll find interesting information on UFO VPN, the VPN industry in general, as well as some tips and tricks for protecting your privacy and accessing various censored material online.

Speed and experience

UFO VPN’s apps are exceptionally user-friendly and nicely designed, so we had zero problems using them. We tested their performance on an 84.63Mbps connection and were pleasantly surprised.

First, we wanted to see how a server relatively near us would fare, so we picked one in Germany and it delivered a very nice 30.7Mbps. Then we went further afield with a server in New York, which gave us a highly impressive 28.7Mbps.

Finally, we tested a server on the other side of the planet, in Japan, and we weren’t disappointed there either, with an excellent 33.27Mbps.

Upload speeds remained unchanged, except for Japan where they were cut in half.


UFO VPN delivers some of the fastest speeds we’ve encountered in the business, regardless of the location of the server we connected to, probably helped by the sheer amount of servers it has all across the world. We also loved the fact that it can unblock various geo-restricted streaming services.

However, there are a few qualities missing, such as the 24/7 live chat support, manual installation support for non-mainstream devices, torrenting support, as well as consistency of information across the website to avoid confusion.

Sead Fadilpašić is a journalist - crypto, blockchain and new tech in general. He is also a hubSpot certified content creator and Writer.