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Ucraft website builder review

An easy-to-use website builder that includes over one million images and icons for free

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Our Verdict

Ucraft includes many unique features for a website builder - a free web hosting option, website domain name, and SSL encryption. There’s over 100 pre-designed layouts and template options, so you can tailor your website to your specific needs, as well as over two million icons and one million royalty-free images.


  • Offers free SSL encryption
  • Easy to use team management settings
  • Multilingual options


  • Cannot connect to third party servers

Ucraft is an excellent web hosting company that makes building your own website a breeze. It’s website is very easy to use - you can look at examples of various templates, check out pricing and upgrades, and easily find inspiration from looking at other successful websites created with Ucraft. 

As soon as you pull up the templates and website examples, you can see the variety of each design. Some are more artistic, with space for captivating images. Others are straightforward, with space for graphs and data, meaning whatever style website you’re looking for, Ucraft likely has a template to fit your needs. 

Ucraft offers free templates, domains, and web hosting services so you can start building without making any purchases. If you want to upgrade to unlimited pages, advanced features, designer and blogging tools, you can add a paid subscription at any time.  

(Image credit: Ucraft)

Plans and pricing 

If you use Ucraft for free, it includes your own domain name, SSL security, unlimited bandwidth, up to 15 pages, and access to Google Analytics. You can use the free version as long as you like, and still have plenty of template options to choose from. One downside to using the free option is you won’t have access to the multilingual feature - you  won’t have an option to change the language like you do in the paid versions. You also won’t be able to add ‘team members’ who can edit, manage, or become owners of the website with you. However, for a free web hosting provider, Ucraft includes pretty much everything you need to get started. 

Ucraft has three paid plans - pro website, pro shop, and unlimited. The pro website option is $10.00 per month when you pay annually. It includes everything in the free version as well as unlimited pages, SEO tools, designer help, blogging tools, the multilingual option, and embedded HTML, CSS, and JS to add more functionality to your website. If you're interested in the pro website but not sure if it’s the right fit, you can try any of the paid plans for free for 14 days. 

The next plan, called ‘pro shop,’ includes many more places to sell items, including Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, and Ebay. With the pro shop plan, you can sell digital goods (anything your customer would need to download) as well as physical goods. You would have 1GB per file of space for selling digital goods. There are also over 50 payment methods you can include on your website. You can upgrade to the pro shop for $21.00 per month when paid annually. 

The last plan, the unlimited plan, includes all of the advanced features with 10 GB per file of space to sell digital goods. The number of products you can sell on your website is unlimited, whereas with the pro shop version you’re limited to 1,000 items. The unlimited plan costs $69.00 per month when paid annually. The most noticeable difference between the unlimited plan and the pro shop plan is the amount of space to sell digital goods. Other than that, these plans include many features that are exactly the same.

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Ucraft’s interface is easy to navigate, as all plans include drag-and-drop website features, so you can easily add key images or remove elements from your website. You can also preview the templates before using them to see how they look. 

All of Ucraft’s websites offer adaptive settings, so your website automatically adjusts to fit any device - phone, tablet, laptop - you can feel confident that your site will look professional on any device. 

(Image credit: Ucraft)


Two Ucraft features that particularly stand out are its team management settings and the multilingual option. 

Team management settings allows you to add other editors, administrators, or owners to share management of your website.

The multilingual option makes it easy for website visitors to select whichever language they prefer to browse your website in. In the ‘pro website’ option, there’s a variety of advanced features, including a ‘checkout cart,’ sharing buttons, a countdown if you want to add one, and discussion forums. All websites have SSL encryption which helps keep visitors safe. 

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The competition 

Squarespace is one of the biggest Ucraft competitors, but whilst it offers lots of templates and a variety of web hosting options, it doesn’t provide a free version. The free option with Ucraft is unique - you get to use a domain and SSL encryption without signing up for the 14 day free trial and without purchasing any of the plans.  

(Image credit: Ucraft)

Final verdict

Ucraft is easy-to-use, provides over 100 pre-designed templates, and includes a free version with no hidden fees, meaning that whether you’re new to building a website or already have experience, Ucraft has a variety of plans to fit your needs. 

There are millions of images and icons to choose from, along with examples of successful websites built on Ucraft. The website is incredibly easy to navigate and the drag-and-drop features make building your website fast. The free web hosting option is a great choice to see if Ucraft is the right choice, and you can also try any of the paid versions using the 14 day free trial.

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