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Sendinblue marketing platform review

Email and SMS marketing for any business

Sendinblue 1
(Image: © Sendinblue )

Our Verdict

Sendinblue is an affordable choice if you need SMS campaigns and workflow automation, especially if you have a large contact list. But, some basics like landing pages are treated as premium features.


  • Excellent email designer
  • Every plan enables unlimited contacts


  • Limited contact tagging
  • No two-factor authentication

If you’re looking for the best email marketing software, it’s worth considering Sendinblue. This platform offers both email and SMS marketing and provides a highly flexible drag-and-drop email designer. Plus, this software offers a more affordable pricing structure than many other marketing tools. In our Sendinblue email marketing services review, we’ll cover everything you need to know to decide if this platform is right for your business.


One of the things that stands out about Sendinblue is that this platform offers SMS messaging in addition to emails. SMS campaigns are easy to set up and you can customize the sender information that recipients will see. If you take advantage of Sendinblue’s API, SMS messages can also be personalized using contact data.

Sendinblue also stands out for including unlimited workflow automations with every plan, including the free plan. The software comes with templates for common automations like autoresponders, abandoned cart recovery, or targeting visitors to certain parts of your website. The visual designer isn’t entirely flexible in that you can’t drag and drop trigger elements, but we found that this actually makes it easier to stay organized as workflows get more complex.

Sendinblue 3

The workflow automation visual designer. (Image credit: Sendinblue )

Another plus to Sendinblue is that it includes a live chat app you can integrate into your website. This isn’t as customizable as what you might get from a dedicated service and there is no robo-operator built in. But, this is a pretty nifty feature for an email marketing software.


When you first log into Sendinblue, you’ll find a checklist on your dashboard to help you get started with setup. If you want to import contacts from an existing database, your only options are to upload a CSV or paste in data—the software doesn’t integrate with other popular CRM software or other email marketing services.

Sendinblue 4

A checklist helps you with setup when you first log into Sendinblue. (Image credit: Sendinblue)

That said, we found that field mapping worked seamlessly. It’s also a point in this platform’s favor that there are no limits on your contact list even with the free plan.

Sendinblue does support multi-user management if you have multiple employees working on your marketing campaigns. But, the ability to add users is only available to Premium subscribers.


We found that navigating around Sendinblue is extremely intuitive. You have access to most features right from the dashboard, and you can turn integrations like live chat and SMS campaigns on and off depending on whether you need them for your business.

The process of designing an email campaign was seamless. The platform divides it into several steps and makes it easy to keep track of your progress. For creating an email, you get access to both drag-and-drop and rich text editors as well as the option to import an HTML file.

We loved the drag-and-drop editor, as it gives you complete control over the layout of every sub-section of your message. Every email you design using the drag-and-drop editor is automatically responsive.

Sendinblue 5

The drag-and-drop email editor. (Image credit: Sendinblue )

Contact segmentation and organization was less than perfect, though. Sendinblue enables you to add contacts to multiple lists and quickly view the campaigns a contact has received in the past. But, you can’t easily add tags and sub-tags to a contact, making it more difficult to create custom audience segments.


Sendinblue doesn’t have a ton of features focused on security. There is no way to enable two-factor authentication for your account and no user tracking for multi-user accounts.

The platform is fully GDPR-compliant, though, and you’ll find a number of guides about how to ensure your marketing campaigns follow GDPR rules. For example, you’ll find tutorials on how to create GDPR-friendly sign up forms and how to enable double opt-in.

Sendinblue 6

Sendinblue offers tutorials on how to create GDPR-compliant sign up forms. (Image credit: Sendinblue )


Sendinblue offers support by email for all accounts and by email and phone for Essential and Premium users. The platform’s online knowledgebase is also an excellent resource for answering most questions. There are over 100 guides, all of them filled with screenshots to walk you through the software.

Sendinblue 7

The Sendinblue support center. (Image credit: Sendinblue )

Plans and pricing

Sendinblue doesn’t charge by the number of contacts in your database, but rather by how many emails you need to send per month and what features you want. There’s a free plan, but note that it has a daily email limit of 300 emails per day rather than a monthly limit.

Sendinblue 2

Pricing options for Sendinblue. (Image credit: Sendinblue )

The Lite plan, for $25 per month, includes 40,000 emails per month and unlimited workflow automations. But, you cannot remove Sendinblue branding from your messages and do not get access to landing pages.

The Essential plan costs $39 per month for 60,000 monthly emails. You can remove Sendinblue branding, conduct A/B tests, and access all of the platform’s reporting features.

The Premium plan costs $66 per month for 120,000 monthly emails, although you can pay for more emails as needed. You need a Premium plan to build landing pages and Facebook ads, as well as to access Sendinblue’s send time optimization feature.

The competition

Sendinblue can be pricey if you only need email marketing and don’t want access to SMS campaigns. In that case, consider MailChimp. Paid plans start at $9.99 per month and include fully custom branding, A/B testing, three user accounts, and up to 50,000 contacts. While you miss out on advanced workflow automation with MailChimp’s affordable plans, this is a robust option at a low price.

Final verdict

Sendinblue is a very capable email marketing platform and may appeal especially to businesses that want to reach out to contacts by SMS. Depending on the size of your contact list and how many emails you send, it can also be significantly less expensive than competing platforms. 

While it’s unfortunate that landing pages are restricted to Premium plan subscribers, most businesses can get around any problems this may cause by leveraging their existing website infrastructure.