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Peloton Tread review

The Peloton Tread is an expensive smart treadmill, but well worth the price

Peloton Tread
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Our Verdict

The Peloton Tread is the best treadmill we've used so far. At 131kg it needs to be set up properly by at least two people, but it's super sleek-looking and won't look out of place in your home provided you have the space. Everything about the Tread feels premium (which is what you would expect for the cost). The slatted running belt provides a natural running experience as you take your pick from hundreds of instructor-led classes on the 12.8in HD touchscreen. Whether you're a new runner or preparing for a marathon, there's something for everyone. If you’re looking for a high-performance smart treadmill and you’re happy to part with the money, this is for you.


  • Inspiring classes and instructors
  • Premium belt feels realistic
  • Wide choice of music


  • Heavy to move and set up
  • Expensive
  • Needs lots of space

Two-minute review

Update: Both the Peloton Tread and Tread+ have been recalled due to safety issues. We've got all the information you'll need if you've purchased a machine, and we'll update this review when we've confirmed the devices to be safe.

Original review follows below:

The Peloton Tread is an indoor treadmill that’s designed for taking guided running classes through Peloton’s app. It's a smaller version of Peloton's original treadmill (now renamed the Tread+ and available in the US only), but is still a premium machine, with a price that's in line with studio models.

The Peloton Tread is easy to use and requires no complicated instructions; it is powered both by an incline button on the left and a speed one on the right which are controlled easily. You simply move the wheel forward to increase and rotate it back to decrease – very simple to manoeuvre in the middle of a run.

Unlike the Tread+, which has a slatted rubber running belt that simulates the feeling of a road run, the Tread has a conventional running belt. It's excellent quality, well designed and generously sized at 59 x 20 inches. Also, unlike most other treadmills, the Tread has no front base to it so you can run on the whole thing without having to watch your feet.

That's particularly useful when you're using the a 23.8-inch HD touchscreen to follow one of Peloton's instructor-led classes. There are hundreds available on the Peloton app, with workouts for both on and off the treadmill. The screen tilts up and down so can be easily seen when taking part in floor-based classes.

The music system is top quality. The Tread has integrated speakers which means the sound is crystal clear and enables you to hear both the music and the instructor as you run.

Although you can use a Peloton mat beneath it, the noise levels vary depending on how fast you run. The sound of footfall is a lot less than a normal treadmill and if you are playing music through the built-in speakers rather than Bluetooth headphones, the tunes mask the treadmill itself.

If you find regular treadmill work boring and have the budget for a premium machine, the Peloton Tread could be exactly what you're looking for.

Peloton Tread

(Image credit: Suzanne Baum)

Price and availability

The Peloton Tread was released in the UK on December 26, 2020, priced at £2,295 (or £59 per month for three years). You also need to pay £39 per month for the all-access membership.

The Tread will go on sale in the US on March 30, 2021, where it will retail at $2,495 (plus the $39 monthly membership fee for live and on-demand classes).

Pricing and availability for Australia is yet to be announced.

Design and setup

The Tread arrives in three large separate boxes requiring at least two delivery drivers to carry in and set up. Weighing 132kg, it's not going to be easy to move from room to room, so you'll need to make sure you have the necessary space cleared to position it prior to arrival.

The weight is justified by the Tread's build quality: the treadmill has a carbon steel crafted frame and handrails to make it durable enough for tough workouts.

The stand-out design feature is the 23.8” HD touchscreen, but we were also particularly impressed by its 59in shock-absorbing belt. It doesn't have the slatted design of the higher-spec Tread+, but still provides a comfortable, real feeling ride.

Once on the Tread, you can adjust your speed and incline with dials on either side that enable you turn up or down for very fluid change.

The sturdy frame makes the machine sleek, but reassuringly solid to use, with minimal vibration and noise.

Peloton Tread

(Image credit: Peloton)


Before you begin, you'll need to sign up for the monthly Peloton Membership that gives you access to guided classes (though if you already have the Peloton bike then the subscription can be used on both machines). It's a simple process, and only takes a few minutes.

Once that's done, hit the start button and the Tread’s belt starts to roll smoothly, and you can use the knobs on the right and left to control your speed and incline. The speed maxes out at 12.5 miles per hour and the incline goes up to 15% for hill sessions. We enjoyed the challenge of a hike class at this incline, and were able to easily hold on to the handles when it got tough.

During every class we chose – from the 20-minute hike to a 5k run – we enjoyed being motivated by real-time metrics on-screen and watching other members catch up or fall behind me on the leader board. It felt as though we were all in it together and the challenge made it so enjoyable.

Peloton Tread

(Image credit: Suzanne Baum)

The Peloton Tread instructors bring with them a huge amount of enthusiasm, fun and coaching expertise. They not only give you plenty of encouragement, but also share advice on technique, such as how long your strides should be and how to concentrate on having the correct running posture.

Another part of Peloton's appeal is the community spirit, and during live classes you can 'high-five' your fellow runners and watch their stats too.

However, if you're usually a solo runner, the interactivity may not appeal, and some instructors spend time relating anecdotes when not giving training advice, which can sometimes be wearying. Thankfully, if you find yourself zoning out, you can dial up the music instead.

There's a huge amount of licensed music included in Peloton's service, so you won't be short of tunes of enjoy.

Buy it if

You want the best running treadmill out there
The Peloton Tread is without a doubt top of its class. It provides a real premium running experience when it comes to treadmills.

You want to be challenged in your running
With the huge variety of different classes for all ability levels, the teachers provide you not only with an excellent running experience but also help train you on how to challenge yourself when it comes to running everything from a 5k to a marathon. Plus, the live leaderboard helps you compete against others for extra motivation.

Don't buy it if

You're on a tight budget
Even with the different finance options available, the Peloton Tread is expensive. There are good quality treadmills available far cheaper.

You don’t have the room for it
With the machine measuring 173cm x 84cm x 157cm it takes up a decent amount of space.

You live in directly above your neighbor’s bedroom
Although it's no noisier than most other treadmills, the incline button can make the footfall sound loud, especially if floors aren't soundproofed.