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Mindbody POS review

Boost your gym or wellness business with a Mindbody POS

Mindbody POS
(Image: © Mindbody POS)

Our Verdict

If you run a gym or similar style health and wellness business then Mindbody POS may well help you boost your efficiency and fortunes too. It’s fully-loaded in the specification stakes, but quite a complex idea that also comes at a high price.


  • Multi-faceted
  • Impressive supporting app
  • Very scalable


  • Quite complex
  • Expensive

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Mindbody POS is quite niche in that it’s a specialist provider of EPOS systems for gyms, spas, salons and wellness businesses. That means Mindbody the company occupies quite a good area in that it’s able to tailor payment processing solutions for businesses that work in one area. As a result you get very specific features and functions, but these are actually perfect for ventures that mix online bookings with physical transactions.

In fact, the real benefit of using a Mindbody POS and its associated systems is that it can also be used for appointment bookings and other club or member-specific needs. So, Mindbody could be perfect if your business falls into the fitness or wellness category, despite the current issues with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Mindbody POS

Mindbody POS is just one part of a whole system for gyms (Image credit: Mindbody)


Mindbody offers the sort of packages that are best worked out based around your individual requirements and, as a result, they advise contacting their sales personnel to get tailored pricing. However, aside from the POS hardware, you’ll doubtless want to utilize one of their software packages, which allow better use of the Mindbody business app and other features. 

By way of a guide they have in the US: Essential from $129 per month, Accelerate from $239 per month and Ultimate for $349 per month. The UK has a slightly different setup it seems, with a Starter package at £109 per month, Accelerate for £209 per month, Ultimate at £309 per month and the Ultimate Plus option at £479 per month. 

There are other add-ons too, such as branded mobile apps that can be customized to compliment your business. Integrated payment processing, meanwhile, is currently charged at 1.99% plus £0.2 per transaction to use the UK example. 

However, Mindbody states that businesses processing over £25,000 per month might quality for a different rate, which presumably means one that’s less, rather than more.

Mindbody POS

Mindbody POS has put much effort into its accompanying app (Image credit: Mindbody)


Mindbody POS is just one part of a wider range of business management software solutions for the health and wellness sector, so it’s worth investigating some of the other features within its product range. 

If you’re looking to better coordinated your business activities by improving customer communication, as well as providing a more efficient service then Mindbody has numerous options at your disposal such as booking classes, appointments and so on. 

The Mindbody POS meanwhile, can also be used as part of a complete solution and includes a Poynt Smart Terminal that runs the Mindbody business app and can process all forms of payment including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. It is currently only available for the US market though. 

In addition, Mindbody has supplementary hardware including a wired handheld scanner for bar code reading of retail purchases or key tag check-ins. There’s also a mobile barcode scanner, which connects Apple and Android tablets via a Bluetooth connection.

Mindbody POS

Mindbody POS comes with numerous hardware add-on options (Image credit: Mindbody)


Mindbody is unsurprisingly a cloud-based operation and therefore its systems are pretty good at just getting on with the job in hand. If you’re subscribed to Mindbody it’s therefore reasonably safe to assume they’ll keep you up and running, just as long as you're connected to the internet. 

They’ve also done a great job with the Mindbody business app and by using dependable hardware like the Poynt Smart Terminal the company seems to have all bases covered in the performance department.

Mindbody POS

The Mindbody business app lets owners manage tasks remotely (Image credit: Mindbody)

Ease of use

In terms of its point of sale capabilities then Mindbody has some great hardware to get the job done without too much hassle. The Poynt Smart Terminal, for example, has a proven track record. 

Meanwhile, the Mindbody business app is impressive, featuring a hugely practical design that allows you to control all manner of features and functions. Available for both iOS and Android it’s the star of the show here. 

Mindbody also offers lots of additional hardware for easing the task of working with customers in locations such as gyms and spas. There are magnetic card readers, mobile credit card readers plus receipt printers and scanners all available, so you can have a full-service customer experience without any major headaches thrown into the equation.

Mindbody POS

 A Poynt Smart Terminal forms part of the Mindbody POS setup (Image credit: Mindbody)


Considering its often quite complex series of component parts, including point of sale hardware and the business app to mention just two things, it's a good job that Mindbody offers a generous selection of support options. You can pose questions via a form or speak to real people on the phone, or by using live chat. 

There is also a knowledge base that offers solutions for many common quandaries, while the Mindbody blog makes for good reading too as a supplementary touch to the overall support experience.

Mindbody POS

There are other standalone accessories for the Mindbody POS too (Image credit: Mindbody)

Final verdict

Mindbody is a full-service POS option if you have a gym or similar wellness type of business that needs a specific hardware and software arrangement. This in turn makes Mindbody a pretty niche experience and one that’s certainly not going to work for everyone. 

Nevertheless, with its range of POS hardware and a strong presence on the app front this is a worthy offering if you’ve got health and wellbeing at the core of your outlook. 

If you deal with customers online, over the phone and in person too then Mindbody might well fit the bill. Bear in mind though that it doesn’t come cheap and could require quite a lot of your time initially as you learn how it ticks.