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Mailerlite website builder review

Now you can build your website and grow your email marketing all in one place

(Image: © Mailerlite)

Our Verdict

Mailerlite is a website builder and mass email service designed for small businesses. It’s super easy to use, and there’s a free version. Quickly create designs for email newsletters, access to the website builder, and start delivering the message you want to share about your company.


  • Email marketing and web building all in one
  • Unlimited-time free option
  • Organized interface


  • Limited formatting options for web building
  • Difficult to see plans available

Mailerlite can help you create your own website and send out mass emails without you having to take the time to draft each one. Now you can create personalized emails and help your business keep track of customers without meticulously creating your own lists by hand. 

You won’t accidentally create boring emails with walls of text - Mailerlite provides the tools you need to add automation, images, create a newsletter, and more. Everything works through a drag-and-drop editor, so you can personalize your emails entirely, or choose from hundreds of templates. Mailerlite makes it easier to reach a larger audience in just a fraction of the time.  

Here's a snapshot of Mailerlite's plans and pricing

Here's a snapshot of Mailerlite's plans and pricing (Image credit: Mailerlite)

Plans and pricing

Mailerlite offers two main services in each plan. First, there’s the website builder portion, second, there’s the email marketing side. You can sign up for free and have access to all the main features Mailerlite provides including automation, landing pages, up to 1,000 subscribers, and the ability to send up to 12,000 emails per month. You can upgrade to the premium plan at any time. 

The premium plans are all pay by subscribers. Higher subscribers means the plan costs slightly more. Up to 1,000 subscribers and Mailerlite is free. For between 1,001 and 2,500 subscribers, it costs $15.00 per month. All paid plans come with unlimited emails per month. For between 2,501 subscribers and 5,000, plans cost $30.00 per month. Each plan that includes more subscribers costs more. Whenever you need to upgrade to a higher plan to manage more subscribers, it’s very easy to do so. 

The free plan includes a file manager, which will help you create multiple email campaigns while keeping everything organized for you. It automatically creates folders for your images so it’s easy for you to find them. This feature even integrates with Google Drive so you can access your files from any computer. 

Both the free and paid versions come with a drag-and-drop newsletter editor. This feature automatically edits your emails and newsletters for you so you can be sure it looks professional. It comes with pre-built blocks so you can easily add videos, images, and connect to your company’s social media accounts. 

There’s a setting on the drag-and-drop editors which allows you to connect to your website’s ecommerce products. When you create a newsletter, you can search for your products directly in the template and add features from your store.

Here's some examples of Mailerlite's email newsletter templates

Here's some examples of Mailerlite's email newsletter templates (Image credit: Mailerlite)


The interface is relatively clean and easy to understand. If you want to give Mailerlite a try, you can sign up for free and create your own email newsletter right away. There’s tons of templates on the website for you to choose from. Whatever format you’re looking for to share updates about your business, there’s likely a design that will work. Templates look professional and not too cluttered. When sending a mass number of emails, the last thing you want is for users to think they’re receiving “junk mail.” Mailerlite focuses on customers first, and you can easily tell the company is well organized through navigating the website.  

Unique feature allows you to schedule emails in different time zones 

Unique feature allows you to schedule emails in different time zones  (Image credit: Mailerlite)


With Mailerlite, you can personalize your emails so they connect more with your readers. For example, instead of emails coming from a generic address, you’ll be able to personalize the “sender” address so that it looks like the emails are coming directly from you. There’s even a setting for time-zones so you can easily schedule emails to be sent at a specific time no matter where your recipients are located. Another great feature is content blocks. You can make certain portions of your emails so that only certain groups will see it. This can help you speak directly to certain audiences without creating dozens of emails.  

Mailerlite comes with a variety of plugins and integrations

Mailerlite comes with a variety of plugins and integrations (Image credit: Mailerlite)

The competition 

GetResponse, Mailchimp, and Sparkpost are just a few of the other email marketing softwares available. However, not all email marketing platforms are directed towards small businesses. Mailerlite comes with a variety of plugins, making it easy to connect your email account with the other services you use for your business. Mailerlite comes with built-in Shopify, WordPress, MailerCheck, Zapier, and WooCommerce integrations. This makes it easier to keep track of customers who are already visiting your website and may be interested in your product or service.  

Final thoughts

Overall, Mailerlite is a great email software that can help your small business grow. With Mailerlite, you can start taking advantage of email marketing and upgrade the way you reach your customers. Many people still use email, and now you can reach out to hundreds, create personalized emails, and do so quickly. The personalization features that come with Mailerlite really make it stand out from other email marking tools available. You can easily reach people all over the world and still personalize your message. If you’re trying to find a better way to manage email and own your own business, then mailerlite might just be the tool you need.  

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