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iZettle point of sale (POS) review

Process payments in a variety of ways with iZettle POS

iZettle POS
(Image: © iZettle)

Our Verdict

The iZettle family of products and services provide businesses of all sizes a simple-but-effective all in one answer without scary levels of overheads or lots of complex tech to master.


  • Flexible options
  • Brilliant apps
  • Powerful functionality
  • Super simple


  • Not available in the US or Canada

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iZettle POS options continue to expand and now cover all manner of payment processing, with the added backup of being part of PayPal. 

Being under the PayPal umbrella gets you off to a good start too, as if you’re keen to sign up with iZettle and already possess an account you can use your PayPal details and be registered in minutes. 

Along with the convenience of that option you also get an excellent collection of iZettle POS productths and services designed to let your business take payments, no matter what it specializes in or, in fact, where it trades from. 

There’s iZettle Go, a neat app that’s brilliant for dynamic businesses that need to keep on being productive. You can also opt for the iZettle Pro app, which works brilliantly by combining a sophisticated app with a till-based POS that’s designed with bars, cafes and restaurants in mind. 

Add in the iZettle 2 card reader and you’ve got a great and inexpensive POS solution at your disposal. 

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iZettle has developed a full suite of POS products (Image credit: iZettle)

iZettle POS pricing

Getting a taste of the iZettle appeal is very straightforward with trials and no contract being just two positive points that draw you into its appeal. The iZettle Pro package for example, can be experienced for 7 days, for free and without the need to sign on the dotted line. 

What’s more, iZettle Go fees are nice and simple, with the app itself being free, a card payment fee of 1.75%, invoice payments being 2.5% per transaction while the Pro hospitality app comes in at £39 per month. 

Handy add-ons, such as accounting software integration is free, as is inventory management. 

iZettle also suggests that if your business processes over £10,000 in card payments every month then you should contact them to discuss a custom rate plan. Adding to the appeal is the iZettle 2 card reader, which costs just £29.


iZettle offers a range of quick and easy payment options (Image credit: iZettle)

iZettle POS features

The current iZettle setup offers flexible product options depending on how you want to use the service in your business. For example, the iZettle Go is a dedicated POS app that comes with all of the tools you’ll need, but with the added convenience factor of being able to process payments whenever and wherever you want. 

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The iZettle Go allows you to take both cash and card payments, along with Apple and Google Pay. What’s more, the app is boosted with lots of added functionality that enables the organization of products, stock tracking and sales monitoring, all within the confines of the secure software. 

iZettle Go is scalable too, as with their own login staff can switch between accounts on the same device. In addition, the app can be used to monitor performance, with detailed reports all being accessible on the go.


The iZettle POS can work on a till-based system if needed (Image credit: iZettle)

iZettle POS performance

A big part of the appeal of iZettle Go is the way that it stores all of your data in the cloud, which means it’s a real boon if you’re catching up with business activities on the move. The app has been nicely designed and responds well, even when you’ve got lots of data to deal with. 

Indeed, iZettle Go proves very useful when you’re picking through multiple receipts of sales, perhaps when you need to tackle a session of issuing refunds or handling returns. 

iZettle Go seems very adept at tackling chores like this with ease, while its lean and mean interface makes performance even more zesty. The other part of the equation, meanwhile, is the iZettle Reader 2, a card reader that has improved over its earlier incarnation and one that, quite simply, works a treat.


iZettle's Pro app is perfect for the likes of bars and restaurants (Image credit: iZettle)

iZettle POS ease of use

One of the best things about iZettle is its ease of use, with all of its products and services working well on their own. Join them all together and you’ve got a fine suite of hardware and software that really gel. 

Being able to manage all of your businesses activities from within the iZettle dashboard gets everything into one place, allowing you to monitor all aspects of your day-to-day workload within a single interface.

So if you’ve got iZettle Go and also the iZettle Pro apps you should find everything works together to boost your productivity. Top it all off with the iZettle card reader and you’ve got a formidable collection of kit that doesn't require much in the way of effort to master.


The iZettle dashboard offers up all sorts of account management (Image credit: iZettle)

iZettle POS support

There’s a similarly impressive supply of help available if you're signed up with iZettle too. Much like the rest of its setup, iZettle has done a sterling job with its online help center, with many different resources at your disposal. 

There are more obvious examples, such as an online help repository with many different articles to pick through. You also get useful video tutorials and the opportunity to contact someone on the support team if you need to go into more detail about an issue. 

All things considered, the support side of the iZettle experience gets another thumbs up.


iZettle's app interface makes product management a breeze (Image credit: iZettle)

iZettle POS: final verdict

There’s much to like about iZettle and its flexible user–friendly range of options for boosting your business. You’ll find that it has something to offer any kind of outlet, from food and drink or retail establishments to health and wellness, or those in the service industries. 

Everyday useability of iZettle’s Go app is excellent, and this is a high-powered solution too considering it can be used on a mobile device. It gives you the freedom to keep on working and processing payments, even outside of regular business hours. 

Meanwhile, iZettle Pro is a really impressive app-based POS system that is super sophisticated while remaining easy to use. Add in that great little iZettle 2 card reader plus a very competitive pricing structure and you’ve got an extremely appealing option for your business.