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Iolo Search and Recover review

Discover the power of data recovery in our iolo Search and Recover review

Iolo Search and Recover
(Image: © Iolo)

Our Verdict

Iolo Search and Recovery is an impressive data recovery program that includes a selection of useful tools and search filters. It’s competitively priced and is a great choice for all but the most difficult file recovery needs.


  • Competitively priced
  • Great search filters


  • Scans can be slow
  • Advanced features are lacking

Iolo Search and Recover is up there with the best data recovery software we’ve ever used. It’s effective, affordable, and comes with a selection of tools usually only included with high-end data recovery programs. In the rest of this Iolo Search and Recover review, we’ve analyzed its prices, effectiveness, features, and more, so you don’t have to. 

Iolo Search and Recover: Plans and pricing

There is only one Iolo Search and Recover plan, which costs $39.95 per year—although it was advertised at a discounted price of $31.96 at the time of writing. All subscriptions are paid annually, and you can take advantage of a free trial to use the software three times. 

Iolo Search and Recover review

Iolo Search and Recover is an affordable data recovery solution (Image credit: Iolo)

However, there are actually two different ways to access the software. A digital version can be downloaded immediately upon purchase, while a physical CD is also available. The CD version can be run without installation, which means you won’t have to touch the drive you want to scan. Unfortunately, though, Iolo Search and Recover is only available for Windows computers.

Iolo Search and Recover: Features

Iolo Search and Recover is one of the cheaper file recovery programs we’ve used, but nevertheless, it still includes a selection of great features. For starters, it comes with a number of different scan options, allowing you to specify the type of files you’re looking for.

Iolo Search and Recover review

Iolo Search and Recover is backed by numerous special features (Image credit: Iolo)

In addition, it can be used to recover lost data or files from your computer, external devices, and even CD/DVDs. And, the software even supports the recovery of deleted Microsoft Outlook information. Note, however, that Mac computers aren’t supported. 

Finally, Iolo Search and Recover includes a secure deletion tool that enables the final and complete deletion of sensitive information. This is a great feature if you have personal, financial, or other sensitive data you want to remove permanently.

Iolo Search and Recover: Client and client setup

You shouldn’t have any problems downloading and installing Iolo Search and Recover. Simply follow the link on the website to set up a free trial or follow the prompts provided if you purchase a license. The whole process only took us two or three minutes.

Iolo Search and Recover review

There are five different search options available (Image credit: Iolo)

Meanwhile, the Iolo Search and Recover client is actually quite attractive. It includes a selection of different scan options and enables you to recover data from any drive or storage device your computer supports. You can even gauge the condition of and preview recovered files before saving them.

Iolo Search and Recover: Performance

We decided to test Iolo Search and Recover on a mid-range Windows laptop with 8 GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Overall, we were very happy with the results. For starters, we ran a standard SmartScan looking for photos and videos, which is designed to recover most data and to filter out irrelevant files.

Iolo Search and Recover review

Standard, SmartScan, and StrongScan options are available (Image credit: Iolo)

The SmartScan took around 15 minutes, which is slower than most competitors. However, on average, it only used 25% CPU and 125 MB of RAM, which meant we could continue using our computer while it ran in the background. A more powerful StrongScan took just over 24 hours and used similar resources.

Iolo Search and Recover: Efficiency

We were very happy with the results of our Iolo Search and Recover tests. The initial SmartScan found almost 19,000 files in total. This included 335 viable photo and video files, among them those we intentionally deleted. As you can imagine, the SmartScan filter made it significantly easier to recover the data we were looking for. Meanwhile, the StrongScan recovered almost 100,000 files and was obviously more effective.

Iolo Search and Recover review

A SmartScan for pictures and videos recovered almost 19000 lost files (Image credit: Iolo)

Iolo Search and Recover: Support

If you use Iolo Search and Recover, you will have access to a suite of support options. Free English-language phone support is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Email ticket submission is available for anyone with a paid subscription.

Iolo Search and Recover review

Iolo provides numerous support options (Image credit: Iolo)

Iolo also provides a selection of self-help resources, including a knowledge base. This contains a selection of articles and tutorials, but most of them are simple and aimed at beginners. A native community forum is also available, but there’s very little activity on it.

Iolo Search and Recover: Final verdict

All things considered, Iolo Search and Recover is one of the best hard drive data recovery programs we’ve used. It’s powerful and effective, and includes great filtering tools to streamline the data recovery process. The standard scan did take a little longer than we expected, but the overall efficiency and performance were impressive.

In addition, Iolo Search and Recover is very competitively priced. It’s beginner friendly and has a very attractive user interface. Overall, this program is suited to those looking for a standard data recovery program at an affordable price.

Iolo Search and Recover: The competition

Although Iolo Search and Recover is a great choice, it’s certainly not the only data recovery software on the market. Those with difficult, more advanced needs could consider Stellar Data Recovery. Prices range from $49.99 to $299 per year and a basic free trial is available. Stellar comes with some of the most sophisticated tools in the industry and has long been a leader among business clients. And, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.