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GreenRoad fleet management review

A smart fleet management solution

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Our Verdict

An extremely robust fleet management solution that takes a different approach to ensure driver safety while clients get their ROI.


  • Focuses on driver safety
  • Presence in multiple countries
  • Incentives for drivers
  • Lots of features


  • Pricing not listed
  • Not much user feedback

TechRadar Verdict

An extremely robust fleet management solution that takes a different approach to ensure driver safety while clients get their ROI.


  • + Focuses on driver safety
  • + Presence in multiple countries
  • + Incentives for drivers
  • + Lots of features


  • - Pricing not listed
  • - Not much user feedback
  • -

GreenRoad is a global fleet management company that was founded in 2004 with the aim of assisting companies in managing their fleets, and improving on driver safety while optimizing costs and reducing overall risks. The company currently operates in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The company claims that it has helped monitor over 10 billion miles and its solution is currently being used by various companies to monitor over 120,000 drivers. GreenRoad aims to minimize operational costs, reduce risks and improve driver safety as mentioned, while maintaining a strong emphasis on following regulatory and compliance guidelines.

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Unlike many other telematics and fleet management companies, GreenRoad does not reveal its pricing or further details about the contract on its website, and prefers customers to reach out directly for a price. This is not the most transparent approach as most fleet management companies out there are upfront about the total cost that one expects to pay and finer details like contract terms, minimum vehicles and users etc.

GreenRoad claims that once businesses deploy its solution, they can cut down fleet costs as it helps improve driver performance which in turn results in a positive ROI within the first three months. According to the company, that claim is based on feedback it got from existing customers which suggest that the system helps them in reducing crash-related costs by 50-70%, while fuel expenses may come down by around 30%. An approximate 10% reduction in maintenance costs also helps in recovering the investment.

The company cites research to point out that negative driving behavior contributes to over 90% of vehicle crashes and accounts for up to 33% of fuel consumption. Hence GreenRoad focuses on improving these two aspects along with a process-driven approach that reduces risk exposure and costs.

That said, if you want to compare its services and costs with rivals, you can call the official helpdesk. The only other options are to contact the company using its live chat system, or by filling out an online form and waiting for a response.

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GreenRoad’s cloud-based telematics and fleet management solution helps improve driver performance and encourages them to follow fuel-efficient behavior. Unlike most other fleet management companies, GreenRoad emphasizes driver safety and improving their performance to achieve the overall goals set by the organization.

The cloud-based centralized monitoring solution is called GreenRoad Central and it comes with features like real-time live fleet tracking, trip history, dispatching, landmarks and geo-fencing, vehicle health, fuel performance, idling hotspots, along with compliance management and operations management. There is also a mobile app for drivers to log their details remotely.

GreenRoad’s services are best suited for industries like:

  • Construction 
  • Utilities 
  • Transport and logistics 
  • Field services 
  • Food and beverages
  • Bus and coach operators
  • Telecommunications

GreenRoad’s solution is scalable to fleet sizes ranging from 25 to 10,000 or more and supports almost all types of vehicles like vans and cars, buses and coaches, mid-sized, large, and big-rig trucks, plus service and construction vehicles. 

The company claims that it uses patented algorithms and analyzes data that is received from the accelerometer and GPS hardware to track and monitor driving behavior, allowing operators to share real-time feedback to the driver. It automatically highlights incidents to decision-makers based on their severity, classifying them as yellow or red.

Its core features are as follows: 

Driver safety: As mentioned earlier, GreenRoad’s solution focuses on ensuring the driver’s well-being, lowering their risks and keeping them engaged. It’s a fleet app and the telematics solutions offer real-time feedback to both the driver and the operator by assessing driving behavior. These assessments cumulatively form the driver’s scorecard.

While promoting driver safety, GreenRoad has a unique take on effectively communicating to the driver about their own performance behind the wheel. It incentivizes drivers with rewards based on their performance and motivates them to perform even better on the metrics, directly helping the organization to save on fuel and other costs. In-vehicle video, safety hotspots, and instant driving tips are among a few other features that the company uses to motivate drivers to perform better and ensure their safety as well.

Operational efficiency: The company's efficient vehicle tracking and management options include features like live tracking and resource location, idling hotspots, route display and tracking history, vehicle health and service management, fuel and idling optimization and various reports. Features like geo-fencing and real-time alerts assure the safety of the vehicle as well as allowing management to focus on important tasks rather than worrying about the location and the status of their vehicles.

Compliance: GreenRoad’s solution offers various reports that help businesses stay compliant with regulatory policies. Fuel card integration, tax and fuel regulations, expense management and fleet document management are a few important features of the solution that leverage the data already available, and ensures that it is correctly logged on the system. Not only does this ensure that compliance requirements are met but it also guarantees that time and money is not wasted in handling issues related to compliance.

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GreenRoad’s support team can be reached via online chat or an online form, as well as a dedicated helpline number which is available for both the UK and US versions of the site. Drivers can get support by contacting their local manager also known as a GreenRoad Champion. There are FAQs available too.

Final verdict

GreenRoad’s take on ensuring driver safety and well-being makes it stand out among the plethora of GPS tracking companies. It offers a wide array of features that can help businesses save on costs as well as manage their fleets better. While the company is not listed on BBB (Better Business Bureau), user reviews on some other online platforms are mostly positive. That said, it is always good to test the features that you actually require the most with the help of a demo.

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