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EaseUS RecExperts screen recorder review

A screen recorder tool that puts much of the competition to shame

EaseUS RecExperts screen recorder
If you need a screen recorder, EaseUS RecExperts could be what you've been looking for
(Image: © EaseUS)

Our Verdict

An incredibly competent tool, RecExperts may have something of an odd name, but it gives you everything you need to record screen activity in a range of ways, and it does it with aplomb -- albeit at a slight financial cost.


  • Beautifully simple to use
  • Webcam overlays work nicely
  • Adequate editing and overlay options


  • Monthly pricing makes no sense
  • Slightly on the expensive side
  • Demanding users will want more editing options

A good screen recorder is essential if you want to produce content such as vlog entries, webinars, online tutorials and the like. But there are, of course, many other uses for such a tool, including recording gaming sessions so you can brag about a particular achievement, or grabbing streaming content that you would not otherwise be able to download. The ability to record what is happening on your screen is incredibly useful, and its applications are various and multifaceted. It's not surprising that so many people simply don’t know where to begin.

EaseUS RecExperts makes the rather bold claim of being the "ultimate screen recorder". A confident claim, indeed, and – to cut to the chase – one that is fully justified. This might seem like something of a spoiler so early in the review, but now that we have that out of the way, we can take a closer look and find out just makes this software so worthy of your attention.

The program lets you record what you are doing on your desktop, so you can easily record demonstrations about how to use a piece of software, or create some other kind of tutorial. A very nice touch here is that you can simultaneously record footage from your webcam and display it on top of the main footage as an overlay. This is a great way to better connect with an audience rather than simply being a faceless voice narrating a video. Other modes include recording solely webcam footage, just audio, or record gaming action.

User experience

The clear, self-explanatory interface that greets you in RecExperts is one of the program's great strengths. There should really be no confusion about how to get started, nor about the options that are available. The program's four recording modes (Record Screen, Record Audio, Record Webcam and Record Game) can all be configured separately, but before you record anything it's worth paying a visit to Settings to make sure that audio and video will be encoded in the most appropriate way for what you intend to use the results for.

Within Setting it take just a couple of minutes to choose the format in which video and audio should be saved, and the quality settings that should be used for encoding. If you're recording a tutorial, you can choose to highlight mouse movements and clicks so viewers can more easily follow what you're doing. To make it easier and faster to start different types of recording, you can configure hotkeys. Because EaseUS RecExperts can be configured to auto-start with Windows and sit in the system tray, it can lie there dormant until you call it into action with a keyboard shortcut – there is no need to necessarily visit the main interface to start recording.

But if you want to tweak settings and options for a new recording – such as selecting which area of the screen or which window should be recorded if you don’t need the entire desktop – you can of course use the main program interface. This gives you access to a series of drop-down menus that make it easy to configure just what and how you want to record. If you are looking to record streaming content, you have the option of scheduling the recording so you don’t need to be at your computer at a specific time.

The program also includes basic editing facilities so you can trim your videos, add watermarks and the like, and during the recording process you have the option of adding overlays such as arrows and other shapes to highlight what you are doing or talking about. All handy extras that add to the value of the program.

The user experience is great, on the whole, but the pricing structure for the software is a little weird. At $69.95 (about £50 / AU$100) for a lifetime license, it is not cheap but not extortionate by any means. $39.95 (about £30 / AU$60) for a one-year license may feel more approachable for some people, but the $19.95 (about £15 / AU$30) per month option just makes little sense.

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