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Constant Contact email marketing software review

A middle-of-the-pack email marketing service

Constant Contact 1
(Image: © Constant Contact)

Our Verdict

Constant Contact is a well-established email marketing provider. While it offers a strong set of basic and advanced features, there is little in the way of innovation.


  • Established and trusted platform
  • A robust data security framework


  • No innovative features
  • Automation not as powerful as competitors

Constant Contact is a long-time player in email marketing software and boasts over 20 years of experience helping businesses up their CRM game.

It is an affordable service with a great range of features and a top-quality data security framework. We think Constant Contact is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a premium email marketing solution that won’t break the bank.

In our Constant Contact email marketing services review, we will look at the platform’s strengths and weaknesses, and ask whether it is the best email marketing service available.

Plans and pricing

Constant Contact offers two plans: Email and Email Plus. Both plans include a one-month free trial as well as core features such as unlimited email campaigns, list import, customizable templates, and list segmentation. Both plans are priced based on the number of contacts in your email database.

The Email plan begins at $20 per month for 0–500 contacts, rising to $195 per month for 10,001–15,000 subscribers and $335 per month for 35,001–50,000.

The Email Plus plan includes all Email plan features plus additional features such as automated customer workflows, advanced email campaign tools (polls, surveys, and coupons), and integrated event marketing. This plan costs $45 per month for 0–500 contacts, rising to $125 per month for 5,001–10,000 contacts. Above 10,000 subscribers, the prices for both plans are the same.

A 15% discount is offered if paying for 12 months upfront and a 10% discount when paying for six months. Not-for-profit organizations are entitled to 30% off the price of their subscription.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact offers two plans for businesses. (Image credit: Constant Contact )


Constant Contact has many of the features expected in a top email marketing services provider, which will more than suffice for the majority of businesses. However, there are few innovative features that are unique to the platform.

Workflow automation and split testing are two features that enable you to customize how you target each contact, customer, or client. They also maximize the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns, ensuring that customers are sent customized content based on their preferences and interactions with your business. However, Constant Contact’s automation functionalities are not industry-leading.

Constant Contact 3

Constant Contact’s analytical tools make it easy to quantify marketing success. (Image credit: Constant Contact )

Drag-and-drop editing means that business leaders can design professional-looking marketing campaigns without advanced design or coding skills. This feature is ideal for business leaders who are looking for a straightforward but powerful digital marketing strategy.

Another feature we like is Constant Contact’s campaign analytics and customer engagement statistics. A highly-visual interface makes it easy to interpret which campaigns are succeeding and which might require tweaking. Combining this with automated workflows and split testing allows you to ensure your marketing strategy is continuously improving.

Finally, the Email Plus plan adds more flexibility and customization for businesses wanting to take their email marketing campaign to the next level. This includes features such as dynamic sign-up forms, donation functionalities, and event integration.

Constant Contact 4

Advanced features help your business succeed online. (Image credit: Constant Contact )


Constant Contact is a web-based platform, so there is no need to download desktop or mobile-based applications. The platform is accessed using your Constant Contact credentials.

Email Plus customers can also configure role-based access, which means you can allocate roles and responsibilities when using the platform. It also means that employees will only have access to the data and information relevant to their position.

Constant Contact 5

Constant Contact is a web-based platform. (Image credit: Constant Contact )


Constant Contact’s suite of features results in a powerful email marketing solution for businesses.

Customizable templates and the aforementioned features, such as drag-and-drop email design, split testing, and workflow automation, all make it easy for business leaders to design successful email campaigns.

Once set up, the platform requires minimal intervention and should result in improved customer engagement, retention, and, ideally, revenue. Constant Contact claims that 98% of Constant Contact emails are successfully delivered, compared to only 77% of regular emails.

Constant Contact 6

Constant Contact is a powerful tool for automating your digital marketing strategy. (Image credit: Constant Contact )


Constant Contact has designed a multi-pronged data security framework that should reassure all companies. This holistic approach to security is outlined on the company’s website.

The prongs in Constant Contact’s security model include the physical security of data centers, network security and data encryption, software security, and incident management. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption of all credit card and customer content is another big plus.

However, we noticed one irregularity. Constant Contact claims to update its security policy regularly, but at the time of writing, there had been no update for 11 months. While the policy is still strong, we would like to see the company stay true to its word and provide more regular updates. 

Constant Contact 7

The Constant Contact Security Policy outlines how the company manages and secures user and business data. (Image credit: Constant Contact )


When using Constant Contact, help is never far away. The website offers several types of support for users, from forums and video tutorials to online chat and phone support for more complicated problems.

When starting an online chat, we had to wait only five minutes to speak to a customer service representative. This representative was prompt and helpful in answering our question on split testing.

Constant Contact 8

The Constant Contact Help & Support site provides solutions for the most common problems with the platform. (Image credit: Constant Contact )

The competition

If you’re looking for a cost-effective email marketing solution, competitors such as Mailchimp and Sendinblue offer competitive free forever plans with several business-specific features.

MailChimp’s premium plans are also worth considering if you’re after a premium, best-in-class email marketing solution. Similarly to Drip, MailChimp’s premium plans offer deeper customization, stronger e-commerce integration, and a greater range of templates and behavior-based automations.

Final verdict

Constant Contact is a great email marketing service without being the best. While the platform offers many standard and advanced features, there are no features that distinguish it from its competitors. This needn’t deter businesses from investing in the platform; just don’t expect market-leading innovation.

Constant Contact’s robust security policy is definitely a plus, as is its comprehensive online support site. Ultimately, we do recommend that businesses consider Constant Contact for their email marketing solution.