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Clover POS review

No need to pray for luck with Clover

(Image: © Clover)

Our Verdict

Clover offers a variety of point-of-sale hardware options all backed up with a top-notch software system that works via the cloud. It’s multi-faceted and easy to configure, which makes it a top bet for any small to medium-sized business.


  • Good choice of hardware
  • Software systems easy to use
  • Cloud-based system
  • Oodles of supplementary apps


  • Hardware and software costs add up

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Clover credit card processing systems come in a wide variety of options, with the company offering point of sale products both directly or via one of its partners. The business provides solutions for taking payments over the phone, remotely and contactless. It is, in effect, a one-stop point of sale solution and is therefore suited to businesses of all types and sizes. 

Clover is cloud-based and also has a whole selection of hardware that will enable you to process credit card payments in a physical environment as well as remotely, which is useful given coronavirus. Terminals are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Competitor options for processing card payments include Sage Pay, PaySimple,, Worldpay, PayPal, Helcim and Stripe all of which are worthy of investigation during the ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Clover has point-of-sale hardware to suit any business (Image credit: Clover)


Clover requires an account in order to be able to use its products and services, which currently costs $9.95 a month. At the time of writing Clover’s monthly fees had also been waived for the first three months. Once you’ve signed up you have a Clover merchant account along with the Register Lite plan. That allows you to start processing payments without purchasing a device from them or needing any other hardware. The first month is also free.

If you get a Clover account and then acquire one of Clover’s hardware devices then the processing rates change. So, on-device payments are 2.7% plus 10 cents per transaction with the Register Lite plan and 2.3% plus 10 cents with Register. Payments taken virtually or entered by hand incur charges of 3.5% plus 10 cents. Additionally, the benefit of using a Clover device is that you get access to more tools and functionality, plus customer rewards and promos.


Clover is able to help you process all types of payment (Image credit: Clover)


If you’re looking for a physical credit card processing option then Clover has plenty to choose from. These include the Clover Go, which is a mobile device that can work in tandem with other devices in the range. There’s also the Clover Flex point-of-sale system, which is a natty handheld device. Clover Mini, meanwhile, is a portable device that covers all in-house bases if you’re running a retail outlet. 

Clover Station on the other hand is a fixed point-of-sale unit that is designed with larger businesses in mind, and allows management of all the features and functions in your outlet. Station Pro is an extension of that, providing you with a central hub that features twin screens. You’ll need to get yourself a Clover account first, while the service can also be configured to work with complimentary apps. 

There are also reporting tools and there's the ability to manage customer profiles as well as manage your employees from within the system. Quickbooks and Gusto integration is available too. Another benefit is that Clover has the potential to be teamed up with numerous apps to increase its appeal.


Clover can be expanded thanks to the way it works with supplementary apps (Image credit: Clover)


Being cloud-based means that Clover is a dependable credit card processing option in that it stores data remotely. So, just as long as you have an internet connection you should find that Clover ticks over nicely enough. 

The additional benefit with cloud-based systems like Clover is that should anything subsequently happen to that connectivity, such as a power outage for example; everything carries on as it was once power is restored. That means any pending transactions will be subsequently processed when you get online again.


Clover gets highly praised for its user-friendly terminals (Image credit: Clover)

Ease of use

Clover has been nicely designed and works whether or not you’re the main administrator or an employee who needs to dip in and out of the interface to get your daily duties done. 

What’s more, the cloud-based platform it’s run on means that all of your important data is stored remotely, which also means its safeguarded against anyone inadvertently doing the wrong thing. That could pay dividends in something like a retail arena where you might have several employees also using the Clover system.


Clover also works across a variety of devices for added convenience (Image credit: Clover)


Clover’s support system follows a similar theme to many others in the marketplace, with a range of options for helping you through any problems you might encounter. Support is available 24/7 and, in addition to help being on hand, a Clover account will also get you lots of reporting and other useful information to help make the experience more beneficial. 

The Clover website is also a goldmine for information and solutions for all sorts of queries. You’ll also find handy tutorials for getting your Clover system up and running, along with articles on setting up and processing payments, running reports and much more besides.


Clover has a range of terminals at your disposal including the Mini (Image credit: Clover)

Final verdict

Clover is perfect for many retail or restaurant-style businesses that need a complete solution for processing payments via credit card. It’s easy to sign up and the setup procedures are also surprisingly straightforward given the fact that, in some cases, there can be hardware to install and configure. 

The Web Dashboard side of the software allows you to keep tabs on every aspect of the cloud-based configuration, much of which is based around apps. Overall, this is an easy to use and highly customizable option for small to medium-sized businesses. Advanced features such as inventory and reporting tools add to the beefy feel of this one-stop solution.

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