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AirPOS review

AirPOS delivers cloud-based POS and e-commerce with ease

(Image: © AirPOS)

Our Verdict

AirPOS might be an underdog in the POS stakes but there’s plenty here that shows promise, from an easy-to-use back office area through to value-for-money package options. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re a smaller business with fairly simple requirements.


  • Easy sign up
  • No fixed contract
  • Simple back office
  • Integrates with companion services


  • A little disjointed in places

AirPOS is a cloud-based operation based in Northern Ireland and has been in existence since 2009. It offers point-of-sale solutions and ePOS systems mainly for small businesses. AirPOS also currently offers a free 14-day trial of the system so you can see if it’s the right sort of fit for your venture be it an existing business or a new idea. 

While it appears to be a one-stop solution you’ll really need to take up the option of integrating the likes of iZettle, Sumup, Worldpay and Xero in order to fully exploit the potential of AirPOS. The building blocks are in place, so does AirPOS manage to join up the dots and deliver the goods?

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AirPOS offers a combination of software and hardware systems (Image credit: AirPOS)


AirPOS gets things off to a solid start when it comes to getting you to invest in its products and services. As with many POS companies, AirPOS underlines that it doesn't require you to have a contract, there are no hidden fees and pricing is simple and transparent. 

That’s good new, and based on its website that certainly appears to be the case. The AirPOS Basic package, for example, is £29.99 per month, AirPOS Pro is £39.99 monthly while there is also a Non-profit option mentioned too, for which you’ll need to contact AirPOS to talk that through. 

That is all there is to it; save for the need to integrate those other business solutions mentioned at the beginning that is, for a more complete e-commerce bundle.


Hardware can be called upon from AirPOS collaborator StoreKit (Image credit: AirPOS)


AirPOS likes to keep things fairly simple with its hardware and software setup, which is obviously good news if you’re a small business owner looking for a straightforward POS solution. AirPOS has partnered with hardware suppliers, including StoreKit, a UK-based ePOS company, that allows it to supply you with point of sale kit where needed. 

As a result of the collaboration, AirPOS says it has solutions for Windows platforms as well as mobile devices including iPad and Android tablets. Along with hardware and software, AirPOS can also be mated with the likes of iZettle for processing payments anywhere, Sumup, Tide, Worldpay and Xero accounting software. 

You also get AirPOS reporting, which allows you to keep track of stock levels and overall business activity, and this information can be accessed using a dedicated app. If you opt for the Pro package, incidentally, you enjoy access to power user features such as gaining the ability to create custom loyalty schemes for your customers.


AirPOS allows you to run your business from a mobile device too (Image credit: AirPOS)


AirPOS is cloud-based and, if you have a very small business using the Basic package, then day-to-day running should be very straightforward. This package gets you one POS screen and provides unlimited access to the cloud-based back office. 

Businesses with a higher volume level of customers will be better suited to the AirPOS Pro package, that delivers the same unlimited access to the backoffice, while adding in extra functionality such as offering exclusive access to customer accounts and those customer loyalty schemes. 

Once you’ve signed up to AirPOS then the bulk of your day-to-day work can be done via the AirPOS Backoffice, which we found trundled along okay.


The AirPOS reporting app is an ideal compliment to the POS system (Image credit: AirPOS)

Ease of use

Aside from the hardware considerations, you’ll find that AirPOS is managed mainly from within the AirPOS Backoffice. Best accessed via a web browser, you’ll find that inside here there are all the options for coordinating your business. A menu down the left-hand side of the browser window lets you access core functions, such as inventory, sales and customers, all of which are accessible once you’ve been through the initial setup steps. 

Starting from scratch means you’ve got a task on your hands to populate the e-commerce categories if you’re selling products. AirPOS does allow you to import CVS files though, so that certainly speeds up the process. 

There’s also the option for configuring PayPal inside the dashboard, as well as a link to downloading the AirPOS app. You can integrate the Xero accounting platform from within this area too. Step-by-step cloud-based simplicity in other words.


The AirPOS back office dashboard is very easy to master  (Image credit: AirPOS)


The AirPOS website has a dedicated help area that features a wealth of useful information, ranging from getting to grips with its systems through to how to generate reports. There’s also a basic FAQ list and a link where you can submit a request, which will presumably find its way to support staff. 

The help articles are actually very nicely detailed, featuring a simplistic breakdown of features and functions, along with screenshots. It’s basic but solid information. 

In terms of speaking to real people then AirPOS has staff available between 9am and midnight seven days a week UK time. Meanwhile, an in-screen chat option is also available should you need advice on-the-go. 

Another valuable aspect for newcomers to the service is the free point of sale setup service, which will get you started without additional charges. Additionally, the company site has some community articles that offer up a flavor of the AirPOS experience.


AirPOS is suited to all sorts of business at the smaller end of the spectrum (Image credit: AirPOS)

Final verdict

Overall AirPOS looks like it’s building nicely, with lots to offer the small business owner who is looking for a simple solution that works on one platform. AirPOS has teamed up with the right collaborators to produce a service that does plenty, and also offers many of the features and functions that are expected from POS systems. 

That said, it’s still a pretty small player in this competitive market and might benefit for a slightly more joined up approach. Offering the ability to plug-in to the likes of iZettle, Sumup and Worldpay are obvious benefits, but to the layman the add-on feel of these features might be a little bit offputting. 

The separate reporting app is another example of where the day-today useability could perhaps be a little more unified. Doubtless AirPOS will get your e-commerce chores done, but there’s a bit more tweaking needed here we think.