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ZTE's upcoming smartphone looks like a true Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra rival

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (Image credit: Samsung)

You can rely on Chinese smartphone makers to put out interesting rivals to popular Android phones, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a particular target with lots of challengers to its phone throne. It seems like ZTE has a big one on the way.

We've been hearing about ZTE's upcoming Axon 30 series for a while now, and we know it's set to launch on April 15. The company has just teased the top-end entry in the line, the Axon 30 Ultra, and it's got us seriously impressed.

If you don't know about ZTE, we've got a phone brand guide on the company you can read here. It's a long-lasting company that's never made it big in the West, but puts out interesting phones - the Axon 30 Ultra is proof of this.

Something to stare at

On Chinese social media site Weibo, ZTE shared a video showing off its new ultra-phone, giving us a nice big look at the design. We also know a bit from the video caption, but most of the information is also shown in the video.

The phone has a giant camera bump - hence our Galaxy S21 Ultra comparison - which shows four cameras, including a big periscope one (for far-reaching optical zoom). We know the standard Axon 30 has three 64MP cameras, and it seems the Ultra has one extra lens.

The phone's screen is big, with a punch-hole cut-out in the top-center of the panel, and it curves quite dramatically at the sides. This should make it comfortable in the hand, though some people prefer flat-edge displays.

That's all we know about the phone so far, though if ZTE has gone all-out in the cameras, it likely has in the specs and display departments too. We don't know if the handset will get a global launch, as this seems to be a China-only tease, but previous Axon phones have.

As we said, there's a launch event on April 15, and hopefully we'll hear more about this Ultra phone then, so we can see if it rivals the Galaxy S21 Ultra in more ways.