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YouTube will now tell you to go to bed, if you want

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As part of a suite of Digital Wellbeing tools from Google, YouTube will now allow you to set bedtime reminders to avoid those late-night video binges. 

Many of us have stayed up late into the night, falling through a YouTube blackhole until 2am and we aren't sure why we are watching an admittedly fascinating commentary video on the first toaster ever made. 

To help avoid these unhealthy habits, reminders will let you set specific times for the app to remind you to go to bed. 

This can be done for both Android and iOS users in their settings. Users can choose between a prompt to interrupt the video they may be watching or wait until it is over. 

Much like Instagram's screentime reminder, users can opt to dismiss the warning that they are straying into night owl territory once it comes up. 

This addition is part of an overall push by Google to help people manage their lives, specifically when it comes to interacting with their screens. 

The bedtime feature has been introduced alongside other features such as the Take a Break feature, which allows you to set reminder to tell you to take a breather from YouTube. These can be set to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes.

Users can also now see how much they have watched in the Time Watched section, allowing them to monitor their daily and weekly YouTube screentime. 

Leila Stein

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