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YouTube Music to replace Google Play Music in SA

YouTube Music
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The migration was coming but now its official, Google Play Music users in South Africa and New Zealand won't be able to stream from or use the app from September.

 The rest of the world will follow suit in October. Youtube Music announced the news in a statement and assured that the move across the two platforms will be seamless. 

What will happen to my library?

Playlists, uploads, purchases, likes and more will still be accessible until December. Those wanting transfer their music libraries will have until then to do, after this the option to transfer across will no longer be available.

YouTube Music also has plans to make changes to the Google Play Store and Music Manager.

How transferring will work

By late August, Google Play Music users won't be able to pre-order, purchase, upload or download music through Music Manager. The  transfer tool will seamlessly help to move any purchases from Google to YouTube Music.  Google Takeout can also be used to export data and to be reunited with purchased or uploaded music. 

When the Music Store is no longer available, users will be able to upload music purchases elsewhere to YouTube Music. 

Google Play listeners will need to start moving their music over to avoid losing everything entirely. Users will also have the option to delete their Google Play Music data entirely. 

YouTube Music has ensured that users will be notified before they lose access to their Google Play libraries.