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Xbox Series X and S South Africa: pricing, release date, pre-order

(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox South Africa has made local gaming fans week by announcing the official price and release dates for their new consoles. 

The Xbox Series X and its cheaper counterpart the S will be available in the country before the end of the year, just in time for holiday presents. 

You will be able to pre-order both consoles from September 22 with the official release date being November 10.

The recommended retail prices for the two consoles are around what was expected. 

The Xbox Series S is recommended to sell at R6,999 and the higher-end Xbox Series X at R11,999.  

In classic South African fashion because of import fees and tax,  this does mean they are slightly more expensive than what they are going for in the US and UK. 

Xbox All Access - not for South Africa yet

A big addition with the new consoles is the availability of Xbox All Access. 

This monthly subscription service to games is being expanded to 12 more countries but South Africa isn't included. 

Microsoft said they will continue to add countries so hopefully we will be able to see this option in the country next year. 

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