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WordPress 5.7 now lets you safeguard your website with just one click

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Building websites and upgrading their security is about to get a whole lot easier in WordPress with the release of the latest version of the world's most popular CMS.

WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza” is the first WordPress release of this year and it is named in honor of the modern musical prodigy Esperanza Spalding.

In addition to improvements to the editor, one of the biggest features in this release is the ability to convert WordPress sites from HTTP to HTTPS in just one click. Once this conversion is initiated, WordPress will automatically update database URLs to the new protocol.

HTTP and HTTPS both allow a web browser to send a request to a web hosting server and receive a response but HTTPS uses TLS/SSL encryption to secure requests and responses while HTTP sends this information in plaintext.

WordPress 5.7

With WordPress 5.7, site owners will be able to make more changes to their content without the need to write custom code. For instance, users will be able to make a block fill the whole browser window, choose a vertical or horizontal layout for the buttons block and easily change the size of social icons on their site using low code.

Editing your site will also be easier as WordPress now allows you to access font size controls in the List and Code blocks, drag blocks and block patterns into a post from the inverter and automatically save reusable blocks after clicking Update. There is even a new default color palette in WordPress 5.7 which is simpler and more streamlined with seven core colors and a range of 56 different shades.

WordPress 5.7 is available to download now and if you need some extra help getting acclimated to the new update you can check out the latest version of the WordPress Field Guide.

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