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Why you should spend money on more cloud space

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It's frustrating when you get that error message saying you've run out of space on your phone with a prompt to encourage you to buy more. While most click "cancel" and then try to figure out which photos to delete, maybe it's time to consider paying for more space. 

Here is why you should consider getting that cloud subscription. 

Phone storage will always be limited 

The idea that everything on your phone automatically stores to the hardware itself is a thing of the past. 

Even if you decide you would like maximum storage capacity, the price of a 200+GB device is exorbitant, especially when you could buy a cheaper version and pay a small subscription to a cloud service. 

An additional benefit is that cloud storage lasts forever, so if you ever lose your phone you can simply download everything from the cloud to your new one. This wouldn't be possible if you insist on using storage on the device only. 

It's already happening, so lean in 

Even though you don't opt to buy more space, there is a small amount of free storage available to devices depending on who you are subscribed with. 

For iPhone, you can backup to iCloud and for Android whoever your phone maker has partnered with (example Samsung and Dropbox). It is likely you are already using this setting and this is why you are getting the prompts to buy more space. 

In addition, smartphone developers store files for their systems on a server, so even the operating system you're using is using the cloud. 

You will wish you had it when something goes wrong

If you're a South African, replacing your phone isn't always something that only happens when your contract is up. 

Phone theft from break-ins or muggings are a reality and it just adds to the frustration when you try to set-up your new phone and realise that some back-ups are missing or that the last back-up was from months ago and now you're missing important messages. 

The difference between having this added frustration and not is a couple of Rand a month. 

It's not as expensive as you think 

Although it might be annoying to add another debit order to your bank account, the cost of quite significant storage space is less than a takeaway cup of coffee every month. 


  • 50GB - R14,99
  • 200GB - R44,99
  • 2TB -R149,99

Google Drive:

  • 100GB - R29,00 
  • 200GB - R39,00 
  • 2TB - R159,00


  • 2TB - $11,99 (around R201) 
  • 3Tb - $19,99 (around R335) 
Leila Stein

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