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Where to buy AirPods Max: find restock in 2020, as the Apple Store sells out

Where to buy AirPods Max
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Update: We've added more retailers so you can buy AirPods Max for December 15, if you're in the right region and can snap them up quickly enough.

Wondering where to buy AirPods Max now that the Apple Store is sold out? You're not alone. You won't be able to get the AirPods Max directly from the Apple Store on December 15, according to the official inventory updates.

In fact, if you hesitated on Apple's peculiar-looking noise-canceling headphones, it's unlikely to arrive in 2020. AirPods Max restock in the US will ship in 12 to 14 weeks, showing us an estimated delivery date of March 5 to March 19. That's a long wait.

In the UK, most AirPods Max colors show a delivery date of January 7 – the Sky Blue model is 12 to 14 weeks out, indicating it may be the most popular color option. (Update: Space Grey is now 12 to 14 weeks out, so it may be the second most popular option among people buying AirPods Max).

In Australia, every version of the AirPods Max has been pushed back to 2021. The Pink color was slated to arrive on December 23, according to the Apple Store estimate on Tuesday, December 8, but that's now a 2021 arrival, too.

Not all hope is lost if you want to buy the AirPods Max before Christmas. Other retailers – besides the Apple Store – may be able to deliver the headphones in time. So far, we're seeing them in stock at Best Buy and Target in the US.

US – AirPods Max $549 and 'should ship by Dec 15' at Best Buy
Best Buy says it's ready to ship in time for the AirPods Max release date: 'Should ship by Tue, Dec 15'. We'll keep watching this listing.View Deal

US – AirPods Max $549 on or shortly after release at Target
Target promises that AirPods Max will 'arrives on or shortly after release date' and we were able to put an order through.View Deal

UK – AirPods Max £549 'out of stock', but may launch at any time at Curry's
Curry's isn't really sold out of the AirPods Max. We believe that they haven't launched yet? The page also says 'Coming soon', so if you're in the UK, this may be your only shot to get Apple's headphones in 2020.View Deal

People eager to buy AirPods Max have turned to eBay, and like we've seen from our where to buy PS5 guide, you're going to pay an inflated rate for the already pricey Apple headphones – $550 quickly turns into $850 through this method.

We'll continue to add more retailers with AirPods Max inventory to the list above as availability expands, but don't count out the Apple Store completely. As we've seen with the new iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, which are nearly impossible to find in stock, your best shot to buying the new AirPods headphone may be to order them for in-store pick-up – if time slots suddenly open up.

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