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WhatsApp Web joins the video calling game

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Video calls received a huge boost in 2020 as the pandemic made it impossible to see each other in person. While WhatsApp did get on board, expanding its mobile apps video call abilities, its web application has taken a bit longer. 

WhatsApp Web is a great addition for those who work on WhatsApp constantly, it means not having to reach for your phone and respond while working on your computer. 

A major downfall for a while was the lack of calls and video calls, especially for business. This resulted in users skipping out of WhatsApp to use Google Meet or Zoom for this service. 

WhatsApp has finally made video calls and voice calls an option which is likely to mean they retain their users for these services as well. 

Still in beta

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WhatsApp confirmed that the feature would roll out this year, however, it is still mostly in beta. Some users have seen they can already use this function but it's not become universally implemented yet. 

The function works much like the calls on the mobile app. When a call is placed, a window opens for the user to accept or decline the call. The web application will also allow users to completely disable the function if they prefer. 

It is still unclear when WhatsApp will roll-out the function to everyone, but after the most recent update scandal, they are likely approaching any new features with a bit of caution.