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What is Game's 1 cent Surprise and what does it mean?

(Image credit: Game)

The early Black Friday specials are flying and it's looking like this year is going to be one of the biggest yet, as people are more used to buying online and stores have really put a lot of effort into deals that speak to what people need. 

Game has already started its month of deals and has also brought back the 1 Cent Surprise scheme it began last Black Friday. This year, the competition is running for the full month (2-29 November) 

So what is this 1 Cent Surprise and how does it work? 

It's a luck of the draw at only 1 cent

Once you've picked something from the Black Friday deals and are checking out, whether you're online or in the store, you could be told that you've selected a mystery surprise 1 cent item.

This isn't for everyone, as Game will be randomly selecting customers to offer up these prizes to. If you're in store, you will pay just 1 cent for this random product. If you're shopping online it's a bit more complicated. 

If you've bought a product online that turns out to be one of the randomly-selected one-cent prizes, Game will notify you within 48 hours and once verified, will refund the cost of the prize minus 1 cent. 

Ready to look for a good deal? 

Leila Stein

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