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Vodacom offers Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway in SA

Nokia FastMile 5G gateway
FastMile 5G Gateway (Image credit: Nokia)

Nokia's FastMile 5G Gateway now offers South Africans fast 5G connectivity and a variety of benefits in one package. The package is exclusively available at Vodacom.

Less lag, higher internet speeds and solid 5G connection are just some of the features of the new FastMile 5G Gateway. Users with larger homes are now able to connect the Nokia WiFi Beacons to their router, increasing WiFi access points.

The FastMile router uses 2.4GHz or 5GHz to connect to end-devices and a handy web-user interface, as well as an app, are available via the Gooogle Play store and Apple store.

Nokia FastMile Gateways are indoor and self contained with 4G and 5G radio uplink and four Ethernet ports.

The handy devices offer visual cues for placement and guide the user on best installation locations. Internet speeds of up to 25 times faster than 4G are available via the new innovative wireless connection.

Outdoor devices are also available to further improve connectivity.

"In areas where signals are weak, you can still deliver competitive broadband speeds thanks to the industry-leading gain of our range of outdoor receivers. In fact, both our indoor gateways and outdoor receivers offer the highest gain on the market, making the most of your spectral assets," says Nokia on their website.

Based on the plan you choose, you can get the router for between R699 and R1499 per month. A once-off purchase is also available for R6499 with no plans. The service is available via Vodacom and package options are available here.