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Vivo X50 and X50 Pro smartphones launch in South Africa: pricing

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Vivo has brought out its new flagship smartphones in South Africa. The X50 and X50 Pro is built for photography, with excellent image quality.  The X50 is also the world's thinnest phone. 

The focus on photography is significant as these phones have been packed with features tailored to make the device a useful resource for professional photographers and amateurs alike. 


Camera features 

The X50 Pro really has it all when it comes to mobile photography. With a 48 MP primary camera, 13 MP pro portrait camera, 8MP super wide-angle lens, and an 8MP, 5x telescopic lens, there is nothing the phone can't capture. 

In addition, it has endless modes, including portrait mode for perfect subject shots and Super Night Mode and Astro Mode so you're finally able to take that decent shot of the moon or city. 

The real highlight, however, is the in-built gimble which stabilises the shot, so you never have to worry about blur again. 

Other features 

Both are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor and can connect to 5G. 

They have 8GB RAM and 256GB storage and are powered by a 4,315mAh battery.


Available through Vodacom, the phones fall within the upper pricing range for smartphones, alongside Apple and Samsung's flagships. 

The Vivo X50 costs R16,999 and X50 Pro, R19,999

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