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Uber Pass plan arrives in South Africa

(Image credit: UberEats)

Uber has released a new way to interact with its service, Uber Pass. 

To incentivise its app use and provide a more stable income model for itself, Uber has rolled out Uber Pass for both its platforms. 

This monthly subscription service is going to roll-out in major cities including Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London and Durban. 

Those with the Pass will have access to savings on their rides and on Uber Eats orders. 

This subscription renews every month and it's likely to expand its savings and offerings over time.

The Uber Pass plan is priced at R99.99 per month.

Current Uber Pass savings

  • 10% off 45 UberX, XL, Connect, and Go rides to a maximum of 45 total rides per month
  • 15% off Uber Black and Van to a maximum of 45 total rides per month
  • Free delivery and 5% off total basket on Eats orders (including groceries) over R80 or above  up to a maximum of 30 deliveries per month, where available

Should you buy an Uber Pass?

It's all about the maths. If you're a person who uses Uber a lot and have a monthly total significantly higher than R100. Then this is a big win. 

As you can see, you will pay a subscription and then still pay for your rides and Uber Eats orders, just with some discounts. 

So if you're considering moving up to the Pass, take a look at your monthly Uber bills and work out whether this will actually save you money or if it ends up being about the same.

Leila Stein

Leila Stein is an experienced multimedia journalist and content producer with a special interest in data journalism. she is skilled in news writing, editing, online writing and multimedia content production and have a Bachelor of Journalism  from Rhodes University and an Honours in Historical Studies from University of Cape Town.