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Uber Cash launches in SA

Uber Cash
Uber Cash (Image credit: Pexels)

Uber Cash is joining existing Uber services to meet the demand for contactless operations across South Africa, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The new payment method allows for contactless transactions across all Uber's platforms.

The group announced the news this week and said, existing payment options will still be available but the new feature will offer users a seamless way to make and control payments while being mindful of social distancing.

Essentially Uber Cash creates a payment account dedicated to both apps and can be preloaded with a specific amount.

The account can be topped-up via the user's Ride account and used when needed on either Uber or the Uber Eats app. This new feature is also aimed at helping users better manage their budget.

Top-ups work similarly to airtime increases and can be done via a debit/credit card, EFT or Barter for payment of use.

Credit loaded onto Uber Cash does not expire and can be used whenever the user sees fit.

Steps to access the new payment option:

1. Open your Uber app

2. Navigate to payments in the in-app menu

3. Choose the amount you would like to top up by and your preferred payment method

4. When requesting a ride or paying for an order select Uber Cash as your payment method.